Could We See Snowmageddon 2.0 For Idaho This Winter?

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Could Idaho’s winter look like this? Photo: Snowbrains

According to some, Idaho could be in for another snowmageddon this winter. If you believe in any of the folklore, there are many signs of a snowy winter to come. The leaves are beginning to change in the mountains, which is earlier than normal. People have reported wasp nests higher up than usual. These are just two of many signs that people point to when predicting a harsh winter to come.

Bruce Wong, executive director of the Ada County Highway District, says that this year seems quite similar to 2016-17 when the greater Boise area experienced “snowmageddon“. That year the state’s capitol measured 39.1 inches of snow, well above its 17.4-inch average. While those around Boise might shudder to think of another harsh winter, those in the mountains have their sights set on endless powder.

Even with all the best models how accurate are any predictions? The short answer, typically not very accurate. Periodicals such as the Farmer’s Almanac, first published in 1818, tend to take their best swing at seasonal predictions. Other organizations such as the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) use a bit more science to also come up with their own predictions. No matter which model you look at, or which signs you want to pay attention to, it seems like Idaho will at least have a good winter. If Idahoans are lucky it might even be another snowmageddon winter.

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