Crash Footage: How I Got Hurt on the Bunny Hill

Rochelle Swanson | CrashCrash

Video: Crash footage from Squaw Valley 5/21/19. | SwansonFineArts

May 21, 2019 there was 3-5″ of fresh powder and the mountain felt like winter.  The  upper mountain at Squaw Valley received several storms and the powder skiing was incredible.


With all the new snow, I forgot to be more careful at lower elevations near the base for hidden obstacles and left the groomed path to try to ski to the parking lot.

Photo: Squaw Kids area where I fell. | SwansonFineArts

My wrist was injured in the fall, but my helmet protected my head. Our group always wears our helmets and we encourage you to join us. You never know when you might fall or bump your head. This particular day we skied safely through trees, variable snow (mostly powder with some ice), and then I hit a hidden rock in what looked like a smooth field of powder and fell approximately ten feet from having my skis off. So wear your helmet even if the terrain does not seem particularly challenging or dangerous. You might be glad you did!

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