VIDEO: The Daily POW Shreds the Post Storm Goods at Alta, UT

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Report by The Daily POW from February 10th, 2020

The fierce storm that slammed Alta, UT a few days ago really left a path of destruction. There are places in the road down canyon side that still have broken tree pieces embedded in the snowbank and protruding out into the traffic lane. It must have been mayhem for the two days LCC was closed.

The snow that storm left was thick and creamy. Our friends told us Sunday was skiing like the whole mountain was a groomer. Today the snow was still holding strong at decent to good. Baldy opened up from Little Chute to the High Shoulder and we went with the former as Little was our plan and looked very smooth from the top.

We decided to spin a lap in Devil’s and wound up boot packing the Apron to a higher point than usual. The views of those huge rock walls were something else. The skiing from the high Apron was steepest at top and had decent snow. If the visibility was better at that moment we could have sent the entire Apron as it was smooth and somewhat forgiving. We caught great vis on Little Chute though so we’re not complaining!

Great day overall. Maybe East Castle will open Tuesday…

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