David Lesh Poaches Again at a Vail Resort With a Message for the Corporate Giant

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David lesh,
Credit: David Lesh Instagram

Former pro-skier David Lesh, 34 is up to his stunts again, returning to a closed Vail Resort to poach some snowmobile lines. At the end of April, he photographed himself snowmobiling at Keystone Resort, CO, and has recently returned to a Vail Resort with a message for the industry giant.

Went back for more, fuck Vail Resorts. Those money hungry half-wits decimate wilderness around the world, build lifts, lodges, and resorts, and treat their customers and employees like shit… people flock by the millions and pay $200/day to ski there. I post a picture, harming no one… everyone loses their minds. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Lesh was recently cited following a stunt last summer when he and a buddy were caught snowmobiling on snow-less ground in the Independence Pass area near Aspen, CO.

David Lesh, keystone
Lesh at Keystone back in April. Credit: David Lesh Instagram

Lesh, the owner of clothing company Virtika, is no stranger to ‘bad publicity’, often engaging in stunts that garner public attention. In August 2019 he crash-landed his plane into Half Moon Bay off the California Coast, live streaming the plane sinking and the whole rescue operation. Back in July 2014, Lesh was arrested and charged with arson, following a fire at the Virtika warehouse in Boulder, caused during the filming of a promotional video.

David Lesh
David Lesh

Lesh, a Denver, CO resident, posted pictures on Instagram in April of him snowmobiling in a terrain park at Keystone, with the caption “solid park sesh, no lift ticket needed.”

keystone, colorado, trail map
Keystone trail map

Keystone spokeswoman Loryn Roberson said the resort is aware of the trespassing that took place over the weekend and is working with law enforcement, reports Summit Daily.

“Keystone Resort is currently closed to the public, and any violation of this closure is considered trespassing,” Roberson wrote in an email. “Trespassing is a crime, and we are currently working with our law enforcement partners. Violations such as this can also result in a loss of future skiing and riding privileges.”

David lesh, plane crash, California , virtika
Lesh’s plane sinking to the depths following last year’s stunt.

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  1. Snowbrains needs to check out his Instagram account, I’m pretty sure that David Lesh is a rascist.

  2. What kind of person intentionally crashes an airplane for the Instagram likes ? I’m not an aviation expert but I’m pretty sure that he crashed that airplane just to post on Instagram .
    Too bad the sharks were not around to take a bite

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