Dean Potter Sets Fastest Time on Half Dome

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Dean Potter's path for the record.  image:  dean potter's facebook
Dean Potter’s path for the record. image: dean potter’s facebook

Dean Potter has broken the record for the fastest known time up and down Half Dome in Yosemite, California.  He did it this past weekend.

Dean’s up and down round trip time was 2 hours, 17 minutes, 52 seconds.  This is six minutes faster than the record of 2:23:51 set by Kyle Williams in September 2014.

Dean wore a T-shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes and brought no food nor water.  

Dean Potter is a living legend who has done things many of us can only dream of.  It was Dean’s free solo climbing that inspired Alex Honnold to free solo climb.

“Yesterday I ran Half Dome and may have established the fastest known time to the summit and back down to the Valley floor (1:19 to the summit and 2:17 52 round-trip). I took a lesser known path and have indicated an approximation of it on this picture. It’s amazing what can happen with the hybridization of Outdoor Arts such as trail running and climbing. Thanks for the inspiration Scott Jurek!” – Dean Potter via facebook


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