Temperatures in Denver, CO, Set to Drop to Lowest on Record | It’ll be Warmer in the Mountains

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The residents of Denver, CO, are in for a bone-chilling shock tomorrow when temperatures plummet to the lowest on record. Ironically, they should head to the mountains if they desire warmer temperatures.

An arctic cold front starting Wednesday night through Friday morning, combined with strong winds, will result in dangerously low temperatures for Denver, the Front Range, and Eastern Plains. The Mile High City and Front Range will see wind chill temperatures drop to -30ºF with a high of -5ºF, and the Eastern Plains as low as -50ºF. A wind chill watch begins Wednesday evening through Friday morning.


* WHAT...Dangerously cold wind chills possible, as low as 55 below

* WHERE...All of northeast and north central Colorado below 6000
  feet, including the Denver metro area.

* WHEN...From Wednesday evening through Friday morning.

* IMPACTS...The dangerously cold wind chills could cause frostbite
  on exposed skin in as little as 5 minutes.


The combination of wind and cold temperatures will create
dangerously cold wind chill. Avoid outside activities if possible.
When outside, limit exposure time, take frequent warming breaks, and
make sure you dress warmly in several layers of clothing, including
a hat and mittens.

Denver sits at 5,280 feet (precisely a mile, hence the Mile High City). Aspen, at 7,908ft, will see temperatures drop to -14ºF, Vail, at 8,150ft, will be -9ºF, and Winter Park, at 9,000ft, will also be -9ºF.

If you want to stay warm(er), go skiing!

Denver forecast. Credit: NWS

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4 thoughts on “Temperatures in Denver, CO, Set to Drop to Lowest on Record | It’ll be Warmer in the Mountains

  1. Failing public education! It’s scary how stupid Americans are. But they sure know the newest religion, anti bullying, anti American, pro tattoo, pro gender confusion, etc, etc…

  2. You’re clearly not an engineer and don’t understand thermodynamics or simple 6th grader physics. Wind chill does impact heat loss for a human or any other heat source. Wind chill also affects frost bite and skin exposure.

    The government has to make announcements and warnings for all the morons that were unfortunate to be educated in America’s failing public school system. They forgot to teach them math and physics. They apparently know how to read the thermostat on their wall but don’t understand how their air-conditioning systems work.

  3. Wind chill is an indication of heat transfer, like blowing a fan against a radiator. It does NOT affect the actual temperature.

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