Cool? Or Cruelty? Viral Picture of Dog in Back of Truck During Colorado Snowstorm Splits Opinion

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A dog in the back of a truck during a Colorado snowstorm. Credit: KVDR

A photo taken by a driver in Colorado during the heavy snowstorm last week is dividing opinion on the internet. The picture shows a dog covered in snow in the back of a moving pickup truck.

Veterinarian Dr. Missy Tasky says it can be dangerous for dogs to be outside in cold weather with no cover and no way to move around to stay warm. The weather at the time was 16ºF with a wind chill around 0ºF.

“That’s just a recipe for disaster,” she said. “It’s just not an ideal situation for that guy.”

However, on the flip side, a number of comments on social media have focused on the breed of the dog, which appears to be a malamute.

“That breed of dog can withstand extreme temperatures, extreme cold better than the average dog,” said one.

With regards to the moving vehicle, Colorado State Patrol says it’s perfectly legal for a dog to be in the back of a pickup truck, even with the tailgate open.

What do you think? Animal cruelty, or ok for that breed of dog?

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4 thoughts on “Cool? Or Cruelty? Viral Picture of Dog in Back of Truck During Colorado Snowstorm Splits Opinion

  1. Comments made here certainly won’t matter to the cruelest of humans who will continue to do this no matter what. Some dogs are able to tolerate very cold temps, snow and wind. Certainly not all breeds. And of the ones who do tolerate it, a very wet snow or an icy rain combined with wind chill is cruel. When I see this I want to tie the owner in the back and drive around in the freezing weather to see if they still think it’s OK.

    1. Well good for you! You need to learn your breed . Someone complained about my dog outside in the cold he was a Siberian Huskey So to avoid a ticket i had to force him in the house literally. He died that night . Had him checked by the veterinarian as to cause of death and the veterinarian ruled heat stroke because of his winter coat. Thanks to people who fly off the handle and dont understand breeds. Just like all pit bulls are bad.

  2. Obviously the guy sucks and his dog definitely skis harder than he does. This kind of behavior is normally exhibited by a flatbed truck with idaho plates and a cattle dog .

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