Salt Lake City, UT Couple Build Snowbank in Summer So Their Dying Dog Can Enjoy One Last Winter

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Maggie enjoying one final snowbank. Credit: Facebook

A Salt Lake City, UT couple wanted to do one last thing for their terminally ill dog before she passed of cancer––they wanted to build one final snowbank for her to roll in. Their dog, Maggie, was being put to sleep Monday.

A Facebook request request for a shaved ice machine was answered by Salt Lake Country Parks and Recreation, who donated gallons of ice so that winter-loving Maggie could lay on snow one last time.

The request for snow. Credit: Facebook

Elijah Lee Saltzgaber put up a social media post on the Friday.

 “Unique request. Does anyone have a shaved ice machine they have out away for the season? Our sweet dog is passing of cancer on Monday, we want to build her one last snowbank to roll in.”

The couple figured they would need between 10 to 20 gallons and were prepared to pay and pick up on Monday morning. Salt Lake Country Parks and Recreation donated gallons of ice and dropped it off at the couple’s home.

“…today, our staff shaved some extra ice, loaded it into bins and buckets, and the owner took the snow home, to Maggie’s backyard, where she enjoyed it with her family.”

A pile of snow was created in the shade for Maggie to enjoy one final winter while her owners sat by her side.

Maggie’s snow! Credit: Facebook

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