Drastic Difference in Snow Cover at Kicking Horse, BC, Compared to Last Year

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The same location at Kicking Horse, BC, June 16, 2023 vs. June 16, 2022. | Credit: Kicking Horse FB

Unless you were hiding under a rock, you know that snowfall last winter was one for the record books for many places in the western USA. It was so good, that many places are still showing healthy snowpacks right now.

However, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, BC, was showing nearly zero snow on the ground as of mid-June this year, compared to being covered in snow just a year earlier.

Why the difference?

Kicking Horse received 615cm (242 inches) of snowfall this last season, which was far less than many places in the U.S. However, just the year prior saw slightly less at 598cm (235 inches).

The difference is likely due to the record heat wave that swept through Canada in May this year. Dozens of daily heat records fell during a three-day period and above-average temperatures persisted for some time. In some locations, temperatures exceeded 95°F (35°C). Additionally, the warm spring has now contributed to the early wildfire season in Canada, which surely hasn’t helped either.

Heat dome that set up in Canada mid-May. Credit: weatherbell.com

Kicking Horse boasts some of the best snow and terrain in all of Canada, but you’ll just have to wait until next season to enjoy it. 

bluebird powder
Bluebird day at Kicking Horse, BC. | Credit: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

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