Driest Jan-Mar EVER Recorded in Tahoe City

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This is about as dry as it gets...
This is about as dry as it gets…

Average Precipitation (1980-2010) from Jan-Mar in Tahoe City:  16.30 inches

2013 Precipitation from Jan-Mar in Tahoe City:  2.42 inches

Driest Jan-Mar in Tahoe City:  1976 = 3.62 inches

And when we say “ever”, we mean in over 100 years, which is significant.  But, it hasn’t quite happened yet.  March isn’t over and there is a storm on the horizon, but it truly doesn’t look like it’ll pack the 1.2 inches of precipitation that we’ll need to evade this heinous title.

So, raise a glass and lets toast to this ‘worst season ever’ and send it away forever.


After above average snowfall in December, northern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains have experienced an record dry start to 2013. A storm is currently forecast to impact the Sierra Nevada the last few days of March; however, it is unlikely to bring the additional 1.2 inches of precipitation needed to avoid being the driest January, February, March combination on record for Tahoe City.

The graph shows the total accumulated precipitation for 2013, the average precipitation, and the driest period on record for January, February, and March in Tahoe City. The climatological normal precipitation for the period January 1st through March 31st combined in Tahoe City from 1980 to 2010 is 16.30 inches. The driest January 1st through March 31st on record was 1976 with only 3.62 inches of precipitation, while the total precipitation for the same period in 2013 thus far is only 2.42 inches.” – noaa.gov

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