Dynafit Is Majorly Extending Protection For Pin Bindings

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Dynafit new warranty policy
Dynafit just extended the warranty on their pin bindings. Credit: Dynafit

Dynafit is majorly extending its bindings warranty starting this winter.

The ski manufacturer is extending its tech-binding warranty from two to ten years. (Warranties from other manufacturers range from one to three years.) The brand is calling the new policy a lifetime warranty, referring to the expected decade-long lifetime of the product. It will apply to bindings purchased during or after the 2019–20 season.

The company is one of only two brands to have had tech bindings on the market for ten years. Until 2005, it held a key patent, preventing competitors from adapting its own pin-style systems.

The new warranty states that Dynafit will repair or replace any registered bindings that fail due to manufacturer defects during the time frame. With good care and normal use, the company says that skiers can expect their bindings to last through the end of the new warranty.

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