VIDEO: The Fire that Saved Sun Valley, Idaho

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The Sun Valley backcountry is home to some of the finest recreational opportunities and natural beauty you can find in Idaho. Unfortunately, this same area has also been home to two devastating wildfires. The first being in 2007, followed by a much bigger fire in 2013, writes TGR.

“In the summer of 2007, Sun Valley, Idaho and its surrounding towns were threatened by a series of rapidly encroaching wildfires.

While courageous firefighting prevented any loss of life, the people of Sun Valley never expected that just six years later, the 2007 fire of Castle Rock would be their savior”

The Fire That Saved Sun Valley is a short documentary that follows the story of these two blazes and how they’ve played an important role in these mountains. For local mountain guide Joe St. Onge, he never expected that the blaze would actually open up and enhance the recreational abilities for the area.

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