“For a Few More Lines” a Ski Movie Trailer with Pop

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skip to 1:40 to get to the ski action

Ever heard of Whiteroom Productions?  We haven’t either, but these guys put together a fun little trailer here which leads us to believe that they might have a fun little movie coming out this fall.

It appears to be a movie done on a budget with mortal skiers going hard in spectacular locations.  They filmed this thing in:  Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Austria, New Zealand, & Turkey.  Not bad.  Not many skiers get out to Turkey for skiing.

The trailer is high energy and does leave you wanting more.  That’s definitely the point of a ski movie trailer, so they’ve done well thus far.

a few more lines

After the first movie “Time for the Whiteroom” comes the next Freeride motion picture “For a Few Lines More” from Whiteroom Productions.

Follow the Crew on their skiing and snowboarding journey around the whole globe. From their homecountry Austria to the remote glaciers of New Zealand, the culture experience in Turkey, the volcanoes in Iceland, the pillow paradise Canada, to the endless powder mekka in Alaska. – Whiteroom Productions

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