VIDEO: Check Out this Unbelievable Freestyle Skateboard Edit From Isamu Yamamoto

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Isamu Yamamoto is a Japanese world Freestyle skateboard champion. And watching this video, it’s not hard to see why… just when you think he’s done, the video just gets better and better.

At age fourteen, Yamamoto took first place at the World Freestyle Round-Up Skateboarding Championships in British Columbia, Canada.

He was the first person to win the World Round-Up Freestyle Championships using two skateboards at the same time. 

The way he links his tricks together and the speed of them – it’s beautiful to watch, I would dare say that not many could do that, in that way, if they tried. Isamu is one of the most impressive freestyle skaters of his generation.

– Street skateboard legend Rodney Mullen

Check out this short video below, profiling Isamu.

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