Friday Fun: America’s Top 10 Drunkest Cities

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Welcome to BoozeTown
Welcome to BoozeTown

Men’s Health put together a list of the top 100 drunkest cities in America. All we can say is:

“East Coast, where you at?”

#3 drunkest city in America = Reno!
#3 drunkest city in America = Reno!

There isn’t a single city east of the Mississippi on this list.  C’mon East Coast, step it up, would ya?

California and Texas are the drunkest states according to this list.

They actually did a great job of coming up with a formula for which cities are the drunkest:

1st = Most liver disease; 100th = Least liver damage
1st = Most binge drinking; 100th = Least
1st = Most deaths in DUI-related crashes; 100th = Least
1st = Most DUI arrests; 100th = Least
1st = Least stringent DUI laws; 100th = Most stringent DUI laws 

Bottom's up Fresno!
Bottom’s up Fresno!

Considering how much research they had to do to come up with this list, it’s almost a Brain Post.

We love that Reno, Nevada made it. Ah, Reno, inarguably the most interesting city in the USA. Did you know that Reno had the largest trailer park on Earth? Reno also had the highest amount of ex-cons per capita in the USA? And now it’s the 3rd drunkest city in America. Congrats!


#1 = Fresno, CA

#2 = Reno, NV

#3 = Billings, MT

#4 = Riverside, CA

#5 = Austin, TX

#6 = St. Louis, MI

#7 = San Antonio, TX

#8 = Lubbock, TX

#9 = Tuscon, AZ

#10 = Bakersfield, CA

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: America’s Top 10 Drunkest Cities

  1. East coast (MD,PA) difficult to find booze -“package stores”, county liquor stores (Montgomery Co MD) etc

    Maybe CA is high cause you can get distilled spirits almost anywhere -gas stations,drug stores,grocery etc.

    Go to Rite Aid for Jack Daniels. Good for what ails you. LOL

  2. They are right in the middle of the valley too… Nothing to do but slowly kill yourself.

    1. When they mention Bakersfield and Fresno, they really mean everything in the valley between Sacramento and Bakersfield

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