Friday Fun: Arapahoe Basin, CO’s Marijuana Policy

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Marijuana and snowboarding.
Snowboarding is allowed at A-Basin, Marijuana is not.

Arapahoe Basin, CO is going to open this weekend or next week…  we hope…  They just got 12″ of snow in the past three days and they are making snow like crazy.

We just stumbled on their Marijuana Policy and we thought we’d share it with you.  It’s good to know that Al keeps up with Jon Stewart and the Daily Show!

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“For good or bad, Colorado is notorious for the passing of Amendment 64 legalizing limited marijuana usage. I recently saw John Stewart and Bill O’Reilly making fun of Coloradans on The Daily Show. A very important piece of the new law clearly states that marijuana usage in public is still illegal.  A-Basin is a public place and you cannot smoke marijuana here.

Already I have kicked several people out of here and taken their ski passes for smoking in public. Those passes will be gone for a very long time. We will not hesitate to call the cops on this issue.

Marijuana smokers, please use your heads on this.  You cannot smoke marijuana in public while at A-Basin.” – Alan Henceroth, COO of Arapahoe Basin ski area

This what the sky looks like in Colorado since prop 64 passed.
This what the sky looks like in Colorado since prop 64 passed.

We’re guessing that skiers and riders most likely don’t take this policy too seriously.  A-Basin is a party place, maybe the most famous party ski resort in North America.

After 15 years of ski bumming in North America and beyond we’ve discovered that marijuana use and skiing and riding are very intertwined.  You’d be shocked to learn of some of the enormous pro skiers and riders that use marijuana daily or more often.  Or maybe you wouldn’t be…

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  1. Don’t be an idiot about it and you should be good. Nothin’ wrong with taking a quick break in the trees…no pun intended 🙂

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