Friday Fun: Jeremy Jones in Coors Beer Commercial Outrunning an Avalanche

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Jeremy Jones has now made it to the big time.  He’s officially starring in a Coors beer TV commercial.  Who the hell is this Jason Aldean guy, is the question?

This commercial should be all about our Squaw boy Jeremy. 

Jeremy Jones harvesting Coors beer
Jeremy Jones harvesting Coors beer

Regardless, it’s pretty cool that Jason Aldean (whoever he is) says that he’s a big fan of Jeremy’s.

Is it possible that actions sports are finally getting a spot on prime time?  Probably not.  Jeremy landed this spot likely due to what a big name and stalwart badass he is.  There aren’t many guys like Jeremy out there that have such class.  He’s perfect for endorsing any brand.

Jeremy’s gone country

A tip of the hat to you, Jeremy Jones.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Jeremy Jones in Coors Beer Commercial Outrunning an Avalanche

  1. Herje,

    Coors is not technically corporate, rather a private family biz, but similar scale and ethics sometimes apply. I used to be an employee of a Coorstek acquisition. Lawyers-take a hike, the Coorstek severance package which contained language to purchase my freedom of speech and keep my lips sealed…..was not endorsed by yours truly. I’m proud of my “contradiction” to have leveraged my employment with Coorstek to demonstrate some federally funded energy/exploration R&D I stand behind…and it helped me fund some shredding too… can’t help anybody else before you help yourself. Though jealous that I don’t log a fraction of the skin track miles as Jer, I like what I’ve been reading from him, and I won’t hold it against him. He seems like a fun guy to go skiing with, and I hope he can keep at it at least as long as I can. Being the best shredder has past my by, but I can still become the oldest! And you know you are aging when you make statements like this to help you stay motivated!

  2. Wait,
    The save our winters leader is working with a corporate giant? Isn’t that a little contradicting?

  3. hey, good stuff, some EASY money for Jeremy. couldn’t happen to a better guy. Prost!

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