George Jedenoff Will Celebrate In His 100th Birthday By Skiing at Snowbird, UT in July!

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99-year-old George Jedenoff

“A guy asked me one time:  what do you think is my best trait?  and I said ‘I never give up.’  Then he said what do you think is my worst trait and I said ‘that I never give up’.  You gotta find a balance between those.” – George Jedenoff


George Jedenoff is 99 years old and is still head over heels for skiing.  He’s a Little Cottonwood Canyon skier and very likely the oldest active skier on Earth.

Ski Utah is going to help George celebrate his 100th birthday this by hooking him up historic day of skiing off the Snowbird, UT tram.  

“But I really love the powder especially, it’s so much fun.  Powder makes you happy.  You don’t always have it, but when you have it, you gotta go for it.” – George Jedenhoff

George started skiing at the age of 43 in 1960 and has never looked back.

George will also be honored at the 3rd annual Wasatch Mountain Film Fest next week on June 19th.  The movie he’s in is called “happiness” and is featured below:



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