No Spring Skiing = No Goggle Tan – Thankfully There’s an Instagram Filter For That…

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goggle tan
My effort, share yours! Credit: SnowBrains

Skiing is over for the season. There, I said it, I’ve finally admitted it. I’ll miss spring skiing, the slush, the corn, the lethal shadows, the après in the sun. The biggest loss from no spring skiing? NO GOGGLE TAN! The badge of honor of any ski-bum, worn with pride throughout summer, that shows to the world your dedication to the sport.

alta, wedding, goggle tan
No funky wedding photos this summer. Credit: Alta

However, a Norwegian tourist company has come to the rescue, offering Instagram filters to give us all that panda look. Three different filters are available, the ‘sunglass tan line’, the ‘classic goggle tan’ and ‘sunburned dad tan’.

goggle tan
Try it!

The filter is brought to us by Norway’s National Park Region – Nasjonalparkriket – and is called ‘Brilleskille 2020’, after the Norwegian term for a goggle tan.

goggle tan,
Your own goggle tan in 3 easy steps… Credit: SnowBrains

Just head to their Instagram page – @Nasjonalparkriket – and click on the smiley face icon, click on the only image there, then click ‘try it’. Have a go and share, and be sure to follow and tag @SnowBrains!

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