Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, WY/MT Closed for the Season Due to Wintry Weather

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going-to-the-sun road, glacier national park, closed,
Going-to-the-Sun Road, GNP. Credit: GNP

The higher sections of the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park are now closed for the season.

The section of the road between Avalanche and Jackson Glacier Overlook is closed. Visitors can still drive 15.5 miles from the West Entrance to Avalanche and 13.5 miles from the St. Mary Entrance to Jackson Glacier Overlook.

“The seasonal closure on the upper portion of the Going-to-the-Sun Road is in effect. Hikers and bikers may still access the road as far as the hiker/biker closure sign. Be prepared for icy conditions, falling rocks, and maintenance vehicles working in the closed area.”


The section was temporarily closed on Sunday due to the incoming weather, but several inches of snow has accumulated at Logan Pass, and the road remains icy, leading to the permanent closure. Logan Pass is the highest point on Going-to-the Sun Road at 6,646 feet.

going-to-the-sun road, closed,
The section of the road that is closed. Credit: NPS

Depending on road and weather conditions, the road typically closes between Avalanche and Jackson Glacier Overlook on or before the third Monday in October.

The closure is the latest since 2006 when it closed on October 23rd. Last year, 2020, the road closed on October 9th.

The extended 7-day forecast––lots of snow! Credit: NOAA

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