Gondola Cabin Falls 60-Feet After Becoming Detached from Haul Rope | 50 Passengers in Other Cabins Uninjured

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gondola, cabin, fell, Switzerland, europe
Thankfully the cabin was empty. Credit: Kantonspolizei SZ

A gondola cabin fell 60-feet to the meadow below when it became detached from the haul rope near the Swiss town of Schwyz Sunday morning.

The lift was in use at the time,  but fortunately, the 8-person cabin that fell was empty and nobody was injured.

gondola, cabin, fell, Switzerland, europe
Destroyed. Credit: Kantonspolizei SZ

50 passengers from other cabins were taken off normally and the gondola was closed.

An investigation will be undertaken by the Swiss Transportation Safety Board and the gondola will not reopen the system until it is cleared to do so and the rope is inspected for damage.

There were strong winds at the time, but as yet haven’t been confirmed as the cause of the accident.

gondola, cabin, fell, Switzerland, europe
Schwyz, Switzerland

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