Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY, Owner Donates to Political Candidate Who Opposes Climate Action

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Jackson Hole owner Jay Kemmerer
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort owner Jay Kemmerer. Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Effective Immediately Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Powers on Wind

Iconic Wyoming Ski Area Moves to 100% Renewable Electricity

“As a recognized ski industry leader, Jackson Hole’s unique position as a sought-after, global, big mountain resort destination, coupled with immediate proximity to North America’s most celebrated National Parks, makes JHMR a fitting candidate for incorporating Green Power.”

Jackson Hole September 17, 2019

Jay Kemmerer, the owner of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY, is listed as a donor to Colorado’s Republican candidate Lauren Boebert, reports the Colorado Sun. Boebert, whose husband works in the fossil fuel industry, is known for her stance against current climate change legislation.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is included in a list of the top 20 contributors to Boebert’s campaign, having donated $8,700. Kemmerer has donated $262,500 to various candidates in this 2022 election cycle.

The ski industry has been moving away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable forms of energy and environmentally friendly operations for years to prevent climate change. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been a leader in this movement committing to 100% wind energy in September 2022.

Protect Our Winters is an organization that was founded to help fight climate change in the ski and snowboard industry and more.

Lauren Boebert

Protect Our Winters (POW) was founded in 2007 by snowboarding pioneer Jeremy Jones. The group has spoken about how the winter tourism industry supports more than 900,000 jobs and creates $66 billion in economic revenue. Temperatures have risen about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century, and oceans are rising at a rate that could be catastrophic by the end of the current century. Protect Our Winters is working towards saving an incredible industry that we all love, so awareness needs to be raised, and preventive measures must be taken to protect the environment.

On its website, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort states it “is a values-led, family-owned, iconic mountain destination with the purpose of enriching the lives of its guests and employees. With an enduring commitment to the surrounding landscape, wildlife, and authentic community character, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort strives to live by its values by reducing environmental impact and, in doing so, runs its buildings, lifts, and snowmaking on wind energy.”

Jackson Hole on December 8, 2020. image: snowbrains

In the past, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has attempted to distance itself from its owner’s political affiliations. 14 months ago, Kemmerer hosted a fundraiser attended by Republicans Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, leading to Patagonia withdrawing its products from the resort’s stores.

 Lauren Boebert Wiki:

Lauren Opal Boebert (born December 19, 1986) is an American politician, businesswoman, and gun rights activist.[2] A member of the Republican Party, she serves as the U.S. representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district. From 2013 to 2022, she owned Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, where staff members were encouraged to openly carry firearms.

Boebert is known for her gun rights advocacy, in particular after a confrontation with Beto O’Rourke over the policy on semi-automatic rifles. She launched a campaign for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district in the 2020 election. Boebert unexpectedly defeated incumbent representative Scott Tipton in the primary election, after which she beat the Democratic nominee, former state representative Diane Mitsch Bush, in the general election. In Congress, Boebert associated herself with the conservative Republican Study Committee, the right-wing Freedom Caucus, of which she became the communications chair in January 2022, and the pro-gun Second Amendment Caucus. She has declared her candidacy for reelection in 2022 and is the current Republican nominee for the Republican-leaning seat.

Boebert is often described as a far-right ally of former president Donald Trump, although she rejects this label.[3] Boebert supports Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him and voted to overturn its results during the Electoral College vote count. Boebert opposes mask and vaccine mandates and posted misinformation related to face masks and COVID-19 vaccines. She has supported the QAnon conspiracy theory, and some academic and journalistic sources have investigated her ties to far-right extremism.[4][5][6][7] She opposes transitioning to green energyabortionsex educationsex-reassignment surgeries for minors, and non-heterosexual marriage. She advocates for an isolationist foreign policy (but supports closer ties with Israel for religious reasons) and wants to minimize immigration to the United States. A self-described born-again Christian, Boebert has said that she is “tired of this separation of church and state junk” and argued for greater church power and influence in government decision-making. – Wikipedia

OpenSecrets.org lists the top contributors to Boebert’s 2022 campaign.

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19 thoughts on “Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY, Owner Donates to Political Candidate Who Opposes Climate Action

  1. Thanks Snowbrains! Love Love the researched proletariat invoking the Temple Of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Arc Science

    Can we go skiing now?

  2. POW is a joke, they whine about others but not after they got theirs. Self promoted themselves on internet, flying from mountain top to mountain top, building their dreams homes where ever they transplanted to.
    Wyoming is a conservative state like the Jackson hole owner, but not Jackson county. Why, because of the massive number of east coast transplants. Go meet people in Jackson hole and you’d be hard pressed to find any one from Wyoming. What a s#&tshow Jackson has become.

  3. Your passion is admirable, but I think it’s misplaced. First of all, I hope you don’t really believe that the media covers anything because ‘it’s one of the biggest threats to our planet.’ If you think that’s true, you haven’t paid attention to a couple of important facts: one, ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ is what the mainstream media is all about, not ‘news’ and, two, if you think you’re getting unbiased information from the MSM, you’re naïve. There’s always an agenda.
    If you think the US military is still uber conservative, check out the latest stories of ‘wokeness’ in the various branches.
    Without question, volcanos and solar activity influences temperature far more than any human influence. I think if you read what I wrote again, you’ll see I said that.
    You might want to check on the definition of the scientific method, because your arguments appear to be based on everything but the scientific method, because when you get into serious observation, measurement, and experimentation, and testing of a hypothesis (any real scientist will tell you that science is all about uncertainty; anybody who tells you there’s such a thing as ‘settled science’ is not a real scientist) which is the scientific method, you find out that in addition to fluctuations in global temperatures for thousands of years, the CO2 levels have also fluctuated, sometimes dramatically, without any human interference of any kind, and we’re still here. In past eons, there has been ‘gazillions’ more CO2 in the atmosphere than there is today, and no human beings contributed to that at all. Glaciers grow and recede constantly over time, as do snow levels in the mountains. Ice levels at the poles do the same and always have. Water temperatures, the same. The Sahara used to be greener. Remember The Little Ice Age? The Medieval Warming Period, while somewhat localized, happened, without any human causation. Look at unbiased data and notice that there is no trend to worse hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis. ‘Unbiased’ is the key, research based on facts, not on fear and panic, and certainly not on ideology.
    Perhaps you recall in the 1970s, we were being told by ‘experts’ that we were all going to die from another ice age, millions would perish from famine, and the only solution was to somehow make sure the planet warmed up. And we’re still here. Our time isn’t anything special, even though some opportunists want to make people believe it is.
    Therefore, based on true science, it’s prudent to respond to climate changes with restraint and logic. Emotion is fine, but it has to be tempered by logic, or it becomes dangerous.
    As for your assertion that ‘too many people want to ignore (climate change) because deep down they fear it,’ there may be some truth in that as far as some people are concerned, but I suspect more people are skeptical of decades of stories they’re told by media of climate disasters that end up never being true. When this all shakes out, we’re still going to be here, even if, for a time—which may or may not be long in geologic time—our ski seasons might be shorter.

  4. Yes, crushing. Have you noticed the price of energy and its effect on our economy? Have you noticed that Russia was enriched and emboldened by high oil prices and now we have a war on our hands? My understanding is the estimate of economic damage caused by climate change is a reduction of 5% in yearly GDP by 2120. Not good, but not worth dismantling our economic and political systems. Check out this guy for another perspective: https://www.lomborg.com/

  5. Wow – it’s amazing how little science some of the readers understand. Media-fueled hype? The media covers it because it is one of the biggest threats to our planet. Proposals for dealing with climate change are crushing? Have you seen what the consequences are for the future economy if we don’t do anything to curb climate change? Even the US military understands things are changing and we have to brace for it. And they are uber-conservative. Climate change is immune to the human intervention/volcanoes/etc. ? Oh dear gawd – you really don’t understand science or the scientific method at all. You can’t dump gazillions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and believe it does nothing. There are too many people that want to ignore it because deep down they fear it. The really ironic part is that skiers are most affected by climate change – shorter and shorter seasons.

  6. “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.”
    Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC





    These might be a few reasons why this guy questions the media-fueled ‘climate change’ narrative. There are many more, if a person is willing to drop the ideology and look at real science instead of ‘the science.’ Nobody who studies the history of the earth can deny that its climate changes. What some can’t seem to understand is that the climate is largely immune to human input. Natural forces–solar activity, volcanic eruptions, underwater earthquakes, etc–are about the only forces that dramatically influence climate, as even a cursory study of long-term climate trends, ie, not merely from the last few decades, shows. Anybody who believes humans can seriously influence the climate–short of setting off several thousand nukes around the world (and even then, the results would diminish relatively quickly in geologic time) shows astonishing hubris. My basic belief is: Good stewardship of the earth, yes. Radical actions, justified by misplaced passion: violence, canceling, defaming, etc, no. At least in my opinion.

  7. The cost/benefit ratio of most of the proposals for dealing with climate change are horrifically negative. They cripple our economy. They crush our freedoms. And they empower and embolden and enrich authoritarian regimes like China and Russia. Virtue signaling regarding climate change is all fun and games until it crashes the economy, enslaves us, and starts World War III. We need to focus on being a prosperous nation so that we can overcome environmental challenges through technological innovation.

  8. All I can say is this is another example of how far today’s Republicans have strayed from:
    – The Civil War’s constitutional amendments on civil rights,
    – Teddy Roosevelt’s trust busting, and land and water conservation.
    – Founding the Environmental Protection Agency and NOAA?

    And it amazes me how this party convinced so many Americans to vote against their own interest? How can this owner support the climate denying idiocy represented by today’s Republican party? It just baffles me. And the fact that there are skiers who make light of it shows just how successful the right wing nuts have been in getting so many Americans to vote against their own interest.

  9. Boebert is terrific. POW is not actually preventing climate change. Gen 4 nuclear and mitigation technologies show the best cost/benefit ratio. Virtue signalling corporate green-washing wastes money. Kemmerer has a right to express his political preferences without being bullied and having his livelihood threatened – and so you.

  10. Good for him. It is a free country. He can donate to whoever he likes.

    Carbon dioxide is essential to life on his planet. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. Animals breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide directly reduces the amount and health of plant life. This reduces the amount of food produced planetwide.

    If we ever were successful in eliminating most, if not all, of the carbon dioxide most plant life would die and most animal life, including humans, would die shortly thereafter.

  11. Kinda makes me glad that they have an annoying reservation system that makes this powderchaser have to go elsewhere last minute. Oh well, Jackson Hole, billionaire central, they don’t need my money anyway. At some point though we have to figure out how to make these villains pay a price…but it’s usual old fossils like this and we may have to make their heirs pay the price of fixing things like climate change.

  12. He’s a Sinclair….did you expect anything different? He’s making all the money on you getting there!

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