VIDEO: June at Jay Peak, VT | Navigating the White Ribbon of Death

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SnowBrains reader Lenny Christopher shared this video with us of him and his buddies keeping the stoke alive and making the most of the last remaining ribbon of snow at Jay Peak resort, VT.

I love to see people getting turns in well after the winter has finished. Ski the East!

Skiing in June! Having fun and making the most of the last snow Jay Peak Resort. I have never skied June in Vermont until this year. The snow stayed longer than most years, maybe due to a lack of use from COVID. Either way, it was fun to be out in the mountains with friends making memories. We finally got June! Thanks, David Bott, Aron Brophy and Guild Jason for the GoPro footage!

They are rental skis, right? They have to be?!

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