Skier Facing Second-Degree Assault Charge After Knocking Snowboarder’s Teeth Out With Ski Pole at Keystone Resort, CO

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A 42-year-old man faces a charge of second-degree assault after allegedly knocking another man’s teeth out in a violent altercation at Keystone Resort, CO, earlier this month.

Guido Diaz, 42, from Florida, was arrested after deputies were called to Keystone on April 2nd to respond to a fight on the slopes. Diaz allegedly struck the victim in the face with his ski pole, leaving him with broken teeth and a split lip, Summit Daily reports.

The victim claims he was snowboarding down the Frenchman run. Approaching a blind curve over a roller, at the last second, he saw Diaz and two children just below. Reacting instantly, he narrowly avoided the trio, turned around, and apologized. He stopped further down the slope to wait for his partner, where Diaz approached him and hit him in the face with his ski pole, saying, “that’s what you get for doing that to my daughter.” His friend’s version of events corroborates his story, saying the basket of the ski pole slashed his face.

After spitting his teeth into the snow, the couple continued to argue until patrollers arrived.

Diaz’s version of events is slightly different. He claims the victim did hit his daughter, so he pursued him to confront him. He lost control as he approached the victim and, putting his hands out in front of himself, hit the victim with his arms outstretched. He then accidentally hit the man in the face with the handle of his ski pole.

The police report describes how the victim had one tooth torn out at the root and three other broken teeth. He also suffered lacerations to his lips “consistent with the angle in which the basket of the ski pole would have contacted” his face. The lens had been separated from his goggles, and there was a small scuff mark on his helmet.

Diaz was arrested and taken to the Summit County jail in Breckenridge. He will appear in court on May 26 at the Summit County Justice Center.

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Frenchman run at Keystone Resort, CO

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5 thoughts on “Skier Facing Second-Degree Assault Charge After Knocking Snowboarder’s Teeth Out With Ski Pole at Keystone Resort, CO

  1. Whether the snowboarder hit his daughter or not is irrelevant. Unless you are defending yourself or someone else, don’t hit people in the face with anything unless you want to spend some time locked up. Should be a good payday for the snowboarder who was assaulted.

  2. I believe the skier. That kind of rage would only come from an assault on his daughter. Conviction by a jury not possible. Was the snowboarder tested for drug/alcohol intoxicatIon? See those guys lighting up non-stop. That stuff literally turns you into an idiot. I have had to deal with those people…

    1. This is a seriously impressive succession of inane assumptions in a row! Knowing nothing but the provided details of the story, why would you believe the skier? When has rage been rational? Ever?! “Assault”?! Are you even reading this!!?? This hardly seems like the type of case that would ever make it to a jury trial. If the arresting officers tested the fighting tandem, and either of them were over the limit, the resort would likely be a target of litigation for “over-serving”. Ever been to Keystone? Ever noticed if they have any bars there? I see people there imbibing “non-stop” and one could assume that the booze could “turn you into an idiot”–another weak argument/wild assumption.
      Thanks for the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day! And that’s saying a lot because I just wasted my time watching the Gnarbie video. Karl, you’re the worst.

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