Killington Resort, VT, ‘Last One Standing’ With ‘No End in Sight’ for East’s Longest Season

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Killington Resort, VT, is now the only US ski resort still open for skiers and riders in the east after Jay Peak Resort, VT, brought its season to a close yesterday.

Killington is currently open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, spinning the Superstar Express Quad until 5:00 pm. 

The ‘Beast of the East’ has now been operating for 184-days, has a 20″ base, and has seen 216″ of fresh snow this season.  The Bike Park is scheduled to open Saturday, May 28.

Please be aware that late-season conditions are suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers and riders only.

killington, trail map
Killington Resort 21/22 trail map.

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6 thoughts on “Killington Resort, VT, ‘Last One Standing’ With ‘No End in Sight’ for East’s Longest Season

  1. Actually great skiing last weekend. Carving turns to soft bumps. Holds up well. Everyone in such a good mood

  2. How is it looking for total archery challenge memorial day weekend will their still be snow

  3. I’m more impressed than by a 10 inch base of ice in November being polished by the hordes of skiers who disdain the more interesting late season.

    And if you’re going to bring up Alta or Targhee in November, you should be comparing to Mammoth or A-Basin in late season. Most of the time I’ll take the late season in that comparison too.

  4. Love Killington in the spring! It’s a requirement for expert eastern skiers. Love skiing in May and June! I’m just happy to be still skiing. Timothy you should come try it’s a helluva great time. The snow is really fun!

  5. Don’t know what type of skier is impressed with a 20 inch base of slop on one trail heading into June. Break out the kayaks and bikes and backpacks and look forward to Alta or Grand Targhee in November!

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