Kirkwood, CA Will OPEN Top-to-Bottom on Saturday with Most Terrain Open in Lake Tahoe

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Kirkwood will open this weekend.
Kirkwood will open this weekend.

Kirkwood ski resort in Lake Tahoe, CA will be opening top to bottom on Saturday, November 14th, 7 days ahead of schedule.  Once they open this weekend, Kirkwood will have the most terrain open in Lake Tahoe and the only expert terrain in Tahoe.

Kirkwood will be opening up with Chairs 1, 5, and 6 on Saturday including access to Monte’s and Sentinel and everything in between.

Kirkwood has gotten 33″ of natural snow this season, including 4-6″ last night, and they’ve had the snow guns cranking around the clock.  Kirkwood will be opening to pretty great conditions this weekend.

“Houston, this is KirkwoodMtn… We are officially requesting to raise the #‎StokeLevelRising‬ to 13…
Chairs 6, 5 & 1 on final countdown to launch on Saturday morning the 14th! Mtn. Operations on final prep for opening day…
Yes, We will open for the 15/16 season here on Saturday the 14th of November with the most terrain in the Lake Tahoe region, the most ‪#‎MotherNaturesNatural‬ snow and the only expert top to bottom terrain... We are looking at Monte’s to Sentinel and all in-between mis amigos…” – Kirkwood today at 6pm

Kirkwood this morning with 4-6" of new snow.
Kirkwood this morning with 4-6″ of new snow.

Kirkwood will be joining Tahoe’s 2 other Vail run ski resorts, Northstar and Heavenly, in opening up on Saturday.

Mt. Rose and Boreal are already open daily in Lake Tahoe.

Oh, and Mammoth is open right now as well and they just got 36″ of snow in 48 hours

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