Lake Tahoe Backcountry Report VIDEO by Daron Rahlves: Powder Day on Mt. Rose, NV Yesterday

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“Scored my first day of skiing in Tahoe! It was a party up there. 15 cars in upper lot and another 13 in lower. Surprising how good it was. Definitely skied light on the feet, but didn’t touch a rock in 5 laps.” – Daron Rahlves, yesterday

Lake Tahoe legends Daron Rahlves & John Morrison went skiing on Mt. Rose, NV yesterday.  They did 5 laps and say they didn’t hit a single rock.  From what we see in this video and below photo, we believe them.

Mt. Rose, NV yesterday. photo: daron rahlves
Mt. Rose, NV yesterday. photo: daron rahlves

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