Large Fires Reported in UK as Britain Experiences Record 104ºF Temperature for First Time

Martin Kuprianowicz | FireFire

Today, Tuesday, July 19, was the hottest day in British recorded history. Temperatures exceeded 104ºF (40ºC) in the UK as a heatwave grips Europe. Fires have been reported in London and throughout the UK as its citizens deal with the inconvenient heat.

Reuters reports that the Met Office said a new provisional record temperature of 104.5ºF (40.3ºC) was recorded in Coningsby, in central England, with 34 sites across the country experiencing temperatures in excess of the previous high of 101.7ºF (38.7C) recorded in 2019. Train services on major routes from London up the east and west coast of the country were cancelled and electricity companies reported mass outages while normally busy city centers appeared quiet, according to Reuters. Network Rail tweeted a number of pictures showing large bends and kinks in rail tracks.

In London, the Fire Brigade has urged citizens to temporarily stop having barbeques as firefighters work to put out fires across the capital city. To the east of London, a large fire has scorched homes in the village of Wennington, burning along with it roughly 100 acres of neighboring tinder-dry fields. Other wildfires in large grassy areas in and around London have been reported, causing smoke to fill roadways and nearby areas.

The heatwave is impacting several nations throughout Europe such as Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, and Morocco. Temperatures have reached 116°F in Portugal and 113°F in Spain with wildfires in both nations forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The European heatwave is projected to persist, with temperatures likely remaining above 100°F for the next few days.

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