Lindsay Vonn WINS 80th World Cup Race Today | Only 6 Races Away From All-Time Most Wins

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skip to 0:54 for Lindsey’s run

Lindsey Vonn won her 80th world cup race today in Germany when she won the ladies downhill.

She’s now only 6 wins away from tying Ingmar Stenmark (Sweden) for the most World Cup race wins in history at 86.

Lindsay Vonn is already the winningest female World Cup racer in history.  She’s about to become the winningest world cup racer period.  The next closest female is Annemarie Moser-Proell with 62 wins.

Can she pull off 6 more wins?  We think she most certainly can.

Lindsey just pulled off two downhill World Cup race wins in a row after her win in Cortina, Italy two weeks ago.

Lindsay Vonn after her run today in Germany.

Lindsey is feeling strong headed into the Olympics next week.

“Also the timing of this win, coming into the Olympics. I really feel strong mentally and physically. I never thought in my life I would get 80 wins so it’s a big day.” – Lindsey Vonn, today

Lindsey said she’s holding back something extra special for the Olympics.

“I definitely skied aggressively, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t leave all the cards on the table.  I hold those extra aces for the Olympics.” – Lindsey Vonn, today

Unfortunately, in the same race, Lindsey’s teammate Jacqueline Wiles was injured.

Jacqueline took a hard crash in the downhill and appeared to have injured her knee.  Jacqueline was taken from the hill be helicopter.


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