[VIDEO] Longest Shot Ski Record Broken in Park City, UT, This Weekend

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World record holders! Credit: Park City Sunrise Rotary Club

Park City, UT, broke the record for the longest shot ski during their 6th annual Shot Ski Event on Saturday, October 15th. Breckenridge, CO, held the previous record since December 2021.

Park City Sunrise Rotary Club organized the event, and High West Distillery filled the glasses for the fourth year. Wasatch Brew Pub sponsored the first two years of the event.

1,340 shots were taken from 525 skis on Main Street Saturday afternoon to benefit local community groups. Lines of shot-takers stretched from the top of Main to near Heber Avenue.

The event surpassed the previous record of 1,333 people established in Breckenridge in 2021. Before that, in 2019, Park City held the record, using 515 skis end to end totaling 2,610 feet in length to serve 1,310 people. Due to the covid 19 pandemic, there were no record attempts in Park City in 2020 or 2021.

All of the proceeds of the shot ski event go to the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club Grant Program. 2018’s event raised $29,474.57; this year’s goal is even higher. A $25 ticket not only secures a spot on the shot ski, but it also comes with a High West drink token. The tokens are accepted at all the participating after-party locations, including High West Distillery, No Name Saloon, OP Rockwell, The Cabin, and Wasatch Brew Pub.

More information is available at parkcityshotski.com.

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