Man Splits the Rear Wheel of his Bike in Half for a Head-Turning Result

Brent Thomas | CycleCycle
0.5 + 0..5 = 1. Credit:

There are a lot of physics that go into riding a bike. There is the gyroscopic theory effect of the spinning wheels. Also, the external forces such as gravity, friction, and rolling resistance. But how about a simple math equation?

Just normal bike math, like 0.5 x 2 = 1 wheel. That is what engineer Sergii Gordieiev made sound simple enough.

Sergii enjoys experimenting and doing abnormal things that involve the physics of bikes. This is his latest creation.

The process for such an experiment was quite intensive. Obviously, he had to split the wheel in half, but also mold and seal the ends. The seat stays had to be extended as well as the chain. This video beautifully shows the whole process.

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