Mars Spacesuit Tested On Icelandic Glacial Climb

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Helga Kristín climbs a glacier wearing the MS1 Mars prototype spacesuit. Image: © Dave Hodge/Unexplored Media

Scientists visited Grímsvötn volcano and Vatnajökull ice cap in Iceland to test the MS1 Mars analog spacesuit by climbing a glacier, while wearing it.

The Iceland Space Agency (ISA) says the area is one of the most Mars-like environments on Earth. It’s the largest ice in Europe and covers 8 percent of Iceland.

Designers from NASA and Rhode Island School of Design say the MS1 is not actually intended for use on Mars but to test human capabilities in case man does set foot to Mars one day.

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Seven scientists ‘product-tested’ the suite on a mission spanning July 26 to Aug. 5. 

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