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The Master of the POV returns in Dub Tales 8. ¬†We’ll let Andrew do the talking:

“December and January were highlighted by persistent layers in our snowpack, but as things began to stabilize the storms started rolling in and the skiing was great. I spent a lot of days shooting photos with Jay Goodrich and video with KGB Productions, but managed a few relaxing solo days, or just shredding with friends. As February progressed, storm after storm slathered the mountain and it was obvious that “It” was “On”, as people say. I took advantage of some soft landings and worked on one of my tricks, which I call “rolling down the windows”. Feel free to use it on the dance floor.
Alas, just as the big lines were really filling in, I went and tossed myself into my own bombhole and went splat. I skied out but could feel a little more play in my right knee than the left, which lead to a visit to the doctor…which lead to meeting my health insurance deductible…which lead to about 6 weeks off snow to let my MCL heal. Fortunately, it was only MCL and no surgery was necessary. I’ve been able to recover really well, which I certainly attribute to the physical therapy sessions at Excel PT here in Jackson.

Now as I type this I’m looking a pile of gear that I’m packing up to make my first trip to Alaska. I got a call a few days ago to join a team from Dynafit and and we’re heading towards the promised land for some human powered ascents outside of Valdez…but let’s save that for another episode!

Thanks for watching, sharing, and commenting. To all my friends and sponsors, you’re the freakin’ best!” – Andrew Whiteford

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