VIDEO: Mass Carnage at Annual Megavalanche Downhill Mountain Bike Race

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Check out this insane POV footage from Kilian Bron, who finished 2nd in this year’s Megavalanche downhill race. 

Famous for its carnage, the Megavalanche is a downhill mountain bike marathon-style race, starting on the glaciated summit of the Pic Blanc (10,826 feet) and descending to the lush meadows of the valley bottom at Allemont (2,363 feet), after some 8,530-vertical-feet and 18.6 miles long. The Alpe d’Huez is located in the French Alps, and mountain bikers all over Europe and the world call it Mecca.

“For those who would still ignore it, the Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez is one of the most famous and not-to-be missed DH marathon race.Since 1995, each year, thousands of riders take the departure from the famous “Pic Blanc” ; this this in every weather condition !  Its Mass Start at 3330 meters high on the glacier and its finish line in Allemont, 2600 meters down, makes this DH Marathon race the longest and craziest race in the world !”

For those of you just here for the mass carnage, skip to 0:50 in the video…

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