Montana Governor Grants Residents Exemption From Travel Ban to Visit Beartooth Basin Ski Area, WY/MT

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beartooth basin, Montana, Wyoming,
Credit: Beartooth Basin

Residents of Montana and Wyoming have been given the green light to travel to the Beartooth Basin ski area when it opens on May 30th.

An order on March 30th by Montana Governor Steve Bullock stated that “any person coming to Montana from another state or country for a non-work-related purpose must immediately self-quarantine for 14 days”, meaning those that crossed into Wyoming just to access the famous summer-only ski area would then need to quarantine for 14-days on their return to Montana.

Any out of state visitor can come and engage in MT services after they quarantine 14-days. If you can legitimately travel into WY and stay in WY then you’re also okay. We live in very confusing times, but we want to be open for those can do so safely. Thanks

We operate under a USFS permit and are required to comply with all state guidelines. These aren’t our rules. We’re responsible for educating our potential guests. A little common sense and good judgment can go a long way.

– Beartooth Basin Facebook

Requests made by the ski area have resulted in “an exemption on this travel ban to cross the invisible state line 2 miles before the lifts and return to MT without being subject to quarantine”. There are no such travel restrictions in Wyoming. Visitors from outside these two states will still be subject to the 14-days quarantine.

Please read if you plan on visiting Beartooth Pass this summer.
Beartooth Basin is actually located in Wyoming. Currently, WY has no travel restrictions and you can access the lifts via WY296->US212 from Cody. Plenty of camping on the WY side, but limited amenities.
Montana has a 14-day quarantine in place for all out of state visitors. After numerous calls to MT Governor Bullock's office, we have received an exemption on this travel ban to cross the invisible state line 2 miles before the lifts and return to MT without being subject to quarantine. This allowance has been extended to all MONTANA residents that have been in state 14 days (Bozeman skiers, you’re welcome 🤠).
So MT and WY skiers - you’re good to go!!
EVERYONE ELSE - As much as it warms our heart to hear folks planning ‘road trips’ across state lines to visit, this is not the year. We’re sorry, but it’s paramount that we are part of the solution and not part of the problem. So get your butts out here to isolate and start your quarantine!!
Thanks for reading and reach out with questions!
Beartooth Highway, MT/WY. Credit: MDT

Access to the ski area is by the Beartooth Highway (US 212) which is currently closed for the season, although the clearing operation is well underway. The road closes each winter because of excessive snow and adverse winter conditions and typically opens by the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Snow levels vary and drifts can be as high as 26 feet in the higher elevations. MDT is responsible for the highway to the Montana/Wyoming border, where the National Park Service takes over maintenance responsibilities through Wyoming, back into Montana, and into Yellowstone Park. MDT and NPS coordinate closely in keeping the road open throughout the summer.

It should be open to state line Memorial Day weekend, but likely another week delay on the WY side. Unfortunately, the park service hasn’t learned how to communicate with visitors yet.

– Beartooth Basin Facebook

Beartooth Basin Ski Area is a cash-only ski area located at Beartooth Pass in the Shoshone National Forest on the Montana-Wyoming border in the United States. It is the only ski area in North America that is only open in the summer, generally from late May through early July, since U.S. 212 is closed in winter. It opened in 1962 and totals 600 acres at an elevation of 10,900 feet. The area is served by two platter lifts.

beartooth basin
Beartooth Basin sending it into the summer. Credit: SnowBrains

Every year from late May to early July the mission of Beartooth Basin is to keep the spirit of skiing alive with two surface lifts atop the iconic 10,000-foot elevation Beartooth Pass, MT-WY. Formerly known as Red Lodge International Summer Racing Camp, Beartooth Basin is one of North America’s oldest alpine ski training areas.

Ownership changed in 2003 when an adventurous group of Red Lodge locals invested in the race camp and opened the door to a younger generation of skiing enthusiasts – freestyle skiers, big mountain riders, terrain park jibbers, and of course, anyone keen for summer skiing.

Beartooth Basin is not your average ski hill. You could describe it as backcountry skiing with a lift. Similar to traditional lift-served ski facilities, the Basin is staffed with professional ski patrollers and skillful lift attendants. And just like other ski areas, it faces extreme economic challenges – aging infrastructure, high equipment costs, expensive insurance policies, and rigorous engineering inspections. All of these obstacles are made even more difficult with the access issues experienced due to its remote location at the whim of multiple surface owner-operators of US Hwy212.

Beartooth Basin, WY/MT

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