OFFICIAL VIDEO: Squaw Valley 2014/15 Season Recap

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The ski season just ended for Squaw Valley, USA.  They opened up just before Turkey Day in November and stayed open until April 26th.

A damn lengthy season considering that Squaw only got 88″ all winter at the base and only 216″ of snow all winter up top.  Squaw claims to average 450″ of snowfall per year up top, which would place this year somewhere below 50% of average up top.

It was a rough year and this year may go down as the driest snow year on record.  KT-22 was only open for a month or so.  Silverado hasn’t been open since 2013.

There were some bright spots.  A big dump in mid-April got the Chimney open and another dump on closing weekend got the Chimney open a second time.

We’ve had 4 bad years in a row at Squaw Valley.  Will next year break the streak?  Or are we in for more?  We’ll simply have to wait and see.

Thanks for a keeping things open so long on such a rough year, Squaw.

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