VIDEO: ‘I Didn’t Wanna Pay for the Toll!’ | Paddleboarder Commutes to Meeting Across the Hudson River, NY

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A New Jersey man dressed in a suit was spotted paddleboarding across the Hudson River to make it to a meeting in New York City on time.

Scott Holt, 32, switched up his morning commute by hopping on the board and braving through rough winds and choppy waters to get to Manhattan all with his suit on and a briefcase in hand.

‘I was just trying to get to my meeting,’ Holt told the New York Post. ‘I didn’t wanna pay for the toll.’

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That’s one way to beat NYC rush hour traffic. Credit: Eunice Rivers/Storyful

The struggling comedian made the journey without a leash or a life jacket but successfully crossed the Hudson in just 30 minutes.

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