Petition Started Asking Vail Resorts Mandate Vaccines to Ride Lifts at Whistler Blackcomb, BC

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Whistler Blackcomb’s Peak 2 Peak Gondola. Image: Twitter

In its winter operating plan, Vail Resorts outlined that guests will need to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor areas at its ski areas, such as restaurants and lodges, but not to ride the lifts. For residents of Whistler, BC, this isn’t enough. One man has started a petition asking that Vail Resorts require proof of vaccination from guests wishing to ride lifts at Whistler Blackcomb, BC.

The online petition, “Whistler Blackcomb put public safety first, require a vaccine certificate to ski and ride,” has so far garnered almost 4,000 signatures.

“Without even the pretense that decisions are made locally, Rob Katz, CEO, Vail Resorts, USA declared that there will be no requirement for a vaccine certificate to ride Whistler Blackcomb gondolas. The unvaccinated will be permitted to upload at full capacity, where physical distancing can be measured in inches rather than feet, with the small windows often frozen shut. Katz’s decision doesn’t align with an opening sentence in the press release, “Vail Resorts’ commitment to safety continues to be at the center of everything we do.”

– Opening paragraph of the petition

The petition says that allowing unvaccinated visitors will mean long lines to access indoor areas while staff check vaccine cards and will require extra infrastructure to make washrooms safe.

“All of these problems will negatively impact your day on the mountain and can easily be avoided by making a vaccine certificate a requirement to ski or ride.”

In its operating plan, Vail Resorts said that resorts will load lifts as usual at full capacity. Face masks will not be required in lift lines or on chairlifts, and in gondolas.

The company is mandating that all its employees be vaccinated by November 15th.

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Whistler Blackcomb Trail Map

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12 thoughts on “Petition Started Asking Vail Resorts Mandate Vaccines to Ride Lifts at Whistler Blackcomb, BC

  1. Oh the idiots outside are frightful. It is so delightful. The vaccine does not block spread at all. Actually it increases spread. See the vaccinated are 40% less contagious. But the problem is they don’t get sick. The unvaccinated get sick and stay home and thus do not spread. The vaccinated are the ones currently spreading covid. NYC has a 91% adult vaccine rate but more cases now than before the vaccine existed. Only idiots want to hang out by vaccinated people.

  2. Gnarbarian getting taught straight science. Wish more of my idiot friends would understand that them getting Covid doesn’t make them immune to it from here on out. They like saying anti-bodies also. It’s like singing a song but not listening to what it means. People latch onto what they want to hear. If only thinning out the herd of weak minded folks didn’t mean that innocent kids and elderly had to get taken down with them. So we ask everyone to vaccinate even if it means morons stick around and likely procreate more morons.

  3. Snownan the Gnarbarian: You really should do a little research and think outside of your own little selfish world. Had you bothered to review the data, the immunity gained bay those who already ha the virus ranges from nil to pretty good. Once recovered, an infected person has great immunity from the cells that creates the antibodies helped them get rid of the disease, however those cells dissipate within months after COVID is gone from the body. The long-term antibody-producing cells will produce detectable antibodies for years, but ability to produce enough antibodies to stave off another infection after 6 months varies widely from not at all in most cases to maybe in a few cases. But, wait….that protection only works on the variant that infected the person in the first place. If they were infected pre delta they will have no protection against the delta variant. Infected by delta?–watch out for mu variant ’cause you are not protected. The mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccine approach has been found effective against subsequent variants unlike the ‘traditional’ vaccine approach.

    You state worrying about other people’s lives…That is exactly right. You want the right to infect my kids, nieces, and nephews just so they can pass the infection on to their grandmother, who has a history of severe allergy to vaccines. You also want to infect adults with mental health issues who do not consent to the vaccination due to their mental health problem. And yes, I have already been told many times that it would be great if those with mental health issues just got the virus to cull the herd and lessen the homelessness problem. And you are OK with non vaccinated individuals clogging the ERs and ICUs forcing medical staff to decide who they treat and who get left out to die. Reports are common of cardiac patients traveling to another state to get emergency care or individuals relocating to get “non-essential” chemotherapy because the unvaccinated people did not want anyone affecting their lives. The ultimate in selfishness is claiming rights infringement when your decision becomes a matter of life and death for someone else.

    Why bother typing? Because the personal opinions that you state will be picked up by others and spread as fact. Your decisions affect more than just you.

  4. ETII, I never at any point mentioned myself of mentioned support for law enforcement not wearing vests. I never advocated against it, nor did I see it mentioned. The simple question is this:

    Do you believe the vaccine works to protect you from getting it?
    If yes, then you have no worries and have spent a lot of time typing for nothing.
    If yes, then you are worried about controlling other people’s lives for no benefit of your own or those you care for (assuming that you have taken the vaccine you believe to work).
    If yes, then you understand what vaccines are inherently for and can see the reason in people who have already had Covid being exempt from vaccines for Covid because they have already been exposed to it and therefore have developed the antibodies.
    If no, then again…..what are you doing wasting your time typing here?

  5. So Snownan the Gnarbarian is in favor of allowing the socially unresponsible individuals of the world freedom and those who wish to curtail the pandemic need to be shut down. That attitude does not place a value open freedom, it places a value on “bully rule” where the person who decides to do whatever they want without regard to the safety of others is allowed their ‘freedom’ while those who are willing to cooperate in an effort that promotes public health are expected to tolerate aberrant behavior. The idea that he promotes law enforcement not wearing bullet-proof vests because they may get shot anyway is insane.

    Lets look at another situation:
    Consider a situation where a large portion of the population demands that they have the right to drive as fast as they like and that speed limits infringe upon their rights. The movement has support of a considerable number of politicians and a few governors actually emplace executive orders banning speed limits. Insurance companies take a stance stating that speeders will no liable for any damages (that move draws another outcry). School speed limits are ignored by a portion of the population where they are not abolished. Much is heard about each individual’s right to choose how fast they drive.

    Such a situation is unthinkable. However, antivaxers demand the right to carry and spread a virus that could be well in hand by now. They want to rely on the healthcare system to save them if they get sick and have their insurers pay for their decision to forego the free vaccine. Vaccinated politicians support and encourage antivaxers if they think it will help them win an election. Some governors outlawed mask mandates. Antivaxers are unconcerned about passing the virus to children under 12 for whom the vaccine is not yet available. The simple precaution of wearing a mask is an infringement on their right to spread the virus.

    It is useless to discuss how or why any individual has developed the idea that the virus is a hoax, that various ‘social-media’ drugs are a better choice, or that the virus will be tamed when a high percentage of others either are infected and survive the illness or are vaccinated. There are just too many sources of misinformation. The current trend for misinformation surrounds the efficacy of the vaccine. You do not even have to leave this site to see misinformation passed on as fact. Vaccination combined with the precautionary measures of social distancing and mask wearing are working to reduce the rate of infection. California has a high vaccination rate and many local mask ordinances–the result of that effort is the lowest infection rate in the nation. Note also that even within California there are counties that have an infection rate that is similar to Texas or Florida–those counties are mostly rural with a majority of residents unvaccinated and unconvinced that COVID is real.

    Anyone who questions the efficacy of the vaccine has not looked at the data. Studies have consistently shown that the vaccines are effective at curtailing the spread of the virus. Yes, thee are breakthrough cases, but those cases rarely result in hospitalizations and only result in death if there are comorbid factors. Please try to remember that many diseases have been virtually eliminated by vaccines that were administered to all children up until a decade or so ago, before the advent of the antivax movement. I truly hope that the antivax movement subsides so we can put this pandemic behind us. So many lives can be spared from death and disability; so many families can be spared from heartache.

  6. Your analogy makes my point! If you want to not get shot–regardless of wearing a vest or not–then stay away from where bullets are flying. There is no guarantee that you won’t get shot in the face, just like there’s no guarantee that you won’t get Covid with a vaccine–so it DOESN’T OFFER THE PROTECTION THAT SOME ARE HOPING!
    Kind of a gruesome analogy, but thanks!

  7. This is comment is nonsense. If you are requiring evidence of vaccination to access every other facility at WB (restaurants/bars, etc), it makes more sense to have proof of vaccination to ride lifts as opposed to imposing additional burden/costs to validate vaccine status at every place on the mountain. This is a now a pandemic of the unvaccinated, if people chose to not get vaccinated they should accept that some of their activities may need to be curtailed for the benefit of all. That is the outcome of their decision.

  8. Snownan the Gnarbarian: If you wear a bullet-proof vest and are concerned about getting shot, it’s tantamount to admitting that bullet-proof vests don’t work. We know that vest wearers can get shot–just like those without bullet-proof vests can. The unvested seem to be at a greater risk personally. Anyone with or without a bullet-proof vest can get shot. So I would recommend that if this individual wants to truly protect himself, that he stay away from other people altogether instead of pushing personal agendas that will protect nobody.

  9. Asking someone for a vaccine card is a HIPAA violation. I’m sure there is a slew of class action attorneys salivating over the opportunity being created for them right now.

  10. If you are vaccinated and concerned about getting Covid, it’s tantamount to admitting that the vaccine doesn’t work. We know that the vaccinated can get Covid and infect others–just like the unvaccinated can. The unvaccinated seem for now–although the numbers of hospitalized individuals with Covid are dropping sharply from their initial “99%”–to be at a greater risk personally, but that does not extend to their degree of how contagious they are. Anyone vaccinated or unvaccinated can contract this virus and then infect others. So I would recommend that if this individual wants to truly protect himself, that he stay away from other people altogether instead of pushing personal agendas that will protect nobody.

  11. Sweden with less % of the population vaccinated just lifted all covid restrictions.
    They join Finland and Norway ending all covid restrictions.

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