The SnowBrains Podcast #18: Jeremy Jones – Legendary Big Mountain Snowboarder, Climate Change Activist, CEO/Founder of Jones Snowboards

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In this episode, Jeremy & Miles discuss big mountain snowboarding, switching from helicopters to human-powered snowboarding, Alaska, founding Jones Snowboards, founding Protect Our Winters, “Deeper, Higher, Further” movie project, that insane Himalayan spine he rode, surfing, getting caught in avalanches, and more.

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This week’s guest requires no introduction – but here we go anyway. Jeremy Jones is widely regarded as one of the best big mountain snowboarders on Earth. Ever. He was voted “Best Big Mountain Rider of the Year” by Snowboarder Magazine ten times, and he’s starred in over fifty snowboard movies worldwide, including his own award-winning movie series that started in 2010, “Deeper, Further, Higher.” Jeremy was nominated for National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year” in 2013. ESPN ranked him #12 in their “50 Most Influential People in Action Sports”. Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Jones Snowboards and also founded Protect Our Winters – a non-profit formed to unite the winter sports community against climate change. Jeremy was recognized as a Champion of Change by President Barack Obama. Jeremy has appeared frequently in worldwide media, including CNN, Outside Magazine and TV, Men’s Journal, ESPN, Fox News, NBC, MTV, and National Geographic, and now, SnowBrains, hehe.

“I’ve got a lot going on, I’m running a business, I cant spend my time trying to win over haters. And so I do not look at comments on Instagram. Apologies to any thoughtful discussion that I miss out on. And that is due to the excessive, aggressive, trolling. Some of it professional trolls. You know the downside of that is that meaningful person and I do feel bad about that… My intentions are pure, they are backed by science. I’m fighting for clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet for future generations. How that makes me the worst person in the world in some people’s eyes? I don’t know. It is what it is and I refuse to let them alter my views or get to me… I feel deep down in my soul that we are on the wrong path, and this is what I really care about. I’m going to put that on Social Media. To not do that because I’m worried about a bad comment? I couldn’t look myself in the mirror and I sure as shit couldn’t look at my kids in the eye if I did that.”

– Jeremy Jones on The SnowBrains Podcast

Jeremy Jones answers these potent questions:

  • Why did you start Protect Our Winters?
  • Why did you start Jones Snowboards?
  • How has Alaska developed you?
  • What does your snowboarding look like now that you’ve made this change to human-powered snowboarding?
  • How did you find that burly Himalayan spine you rode in “Further”?
  • Have you ever been in an avalanche? What happened?
  • What’s your biggest accomplishment in life?
  • What challenges you most intellectually on a daily basis?
  • What’s your favorite book or books?
  • More…

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Episode #18:

Jeremy Jones – Legendary Big Mountain Snowboarder, Climate Change Activist, CEO/Founder of Jones Snowboards

This episode is brought to you by Ikon Pass

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The SnowBrains Podcast | Episode #18 | Jeremy Jones – Legendary Big Mountain Snowboarder, Climate Change Activist, CEO/Founder of Jones Snowboards.

Recorded on January 20, 2020, in Park City, UT (Miles Clark) and Truckee, CA (Jeremy Jones)

This episode was edited by Robert Wilkinson.

Music by Chad Crouch.

Host, producer, and creator = Miles Clark.

The SnowBrains Podcast. Skier: Miles Clark. Location: Jackson Hole, WY. Photo: Sasha Motivala.  Date:  March 2020

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