NOAA is forecasting 3-6 inches of new snow for Wyoming’s western mountains, including Jackson Hole today. Grand Targhee ski resort opens on November 22nd. Jackson Hole ski resort opens on November 27th. will have weekly snow conditions reports from each of these ski resort all winter long. Warm and breezy conditions will continue for today. A few isolated showers will also be possible across the northwest. Warm and mainly dry conditions are then expected through the day Saturday. Saturday night into Sunday, a cold front will push across the region bringing colder temperatures and chances for rain and snow [...]

Earthquakes… Four earthquakes over magnitude 5.0 Just last night… I have still have PTSD from California’s 7.1 magnitude Loma Prieta quake in 1989… There have been eight earthquakes here in Chile over magnitude 5.0 since I arrived here two weeks ago… I’m living in a building made of shipping containers… I’ve run out of the house at least 4 times… The surf at Punta de Lobos, Chile has been spot on. Many around here say that this is the most consistent wave in the world and I’m starting to believe it. I’ve been here for 16 days now and the surf has been pumping everyday. There is a big cliff to the south that blocks the ever- [...]

A snowstorm came down hard on the European Alps yesterday. Today, they awoke to up to 3-feet of new snow in parts of Autsria and beyond. This early season storm is the result of the remains of hurricane Gonzalo. It pounded the alps yesterday with winds up to 90mph and snow levels as low as 2,500-feet. As you can see from these photos, certain parts of the alps got dumped on – mainly Austria. Some ski resorts are already open and it looks like Hintertux and Panai in Austria will open tomorrow to a powder day. Winter starts with a bang in the Alps this year. Last year, Italy had record snowfall – the biggest in 15 years – [...]

Squaw Valley will be cutting down and removing over 5,000 trees in the Red Dog area this fall. The trees targeted for removal will be dead and dying trees off Red Dog Ridge near Heidi’s Rock. Squaw is saying this will open up 100 acres of quality tree-skiing terrain. We know, we know, removing trees isn’t generally a cool thing in California, but these trees are dead and this tree removal will be great for opening up the skiing off Red Dog Ridge. After these trees are pulled out, there will be space to charge hard in the Red Dog zone. There is no question, Red Dog holds the best tree skiing [...]

My thoughts wandering afar, I glanced down. Yikes! I’m speeding again. I try to be as law abiding as possible. Sure, I don’t obey the speed limit very often, but I try to refrain from truly speeding. That is until this time every year. About the second week of October or so. Every year. It doesn’t happen on purpose. I can’t really explain it. Like salmon returning from the sea to spawn, it just happens. I start driving too fast. Given that it happens quite subconsciously, I can’t even chalk it up to trying to achieve some kind of cheap thrill. Something [...] is currently looking for an intern. SnowBrains’ motto is: “intelligent, Original, Positive” and that’s what we’re looking for in our intern. We’re searching for someone who can put in about 10 to 20 hours a week with us. This intern can be located just about anywhere in the USA or Worldwide. Working with us in the ski and snowboard industry is a guaranteed good time. The whole idea behind this website is that we get to go skiing, snowboarding, or surfing everyday. [...]

NOAA has just released their outlook for the month of November 2014 in the USA. They’re sticking with the El Nino pattern of wetter than average in the south and drier than average in the north. Northern California and many zones in the middle are in the “Equal Chances” area. This means there is no skew towards neither a wetter nor drier than average winter just yet. NOAA is forecasting above average precipitation in Southeast Alaska, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. NOAA is forecasting below average precipitation in the Great Lakes Region. NOAA is showing above average temperatures for all the West Coast, the [...]

2015 has already brought us a plethora of big, fat, burly powder skis. There’s literally dozens of these things, so how do we know which are the best of the best? The most efficient way to know which Powder Skis are the best is to compile all the Powder Skis that won awards from reputable sources who put in the energy to test every 2015 powder ski out there. Just Freeskier alone tested over 350 skis last year. We’ve aggregated the 5 best powder skis of 2015 according to the industries highest awards for you and displayed them here. These are the best of the best. The top guns of [...]

On October 19th-20th, Girdwood received its first storm of the season where a significant amount snow accumulated and has stuck around at sea level. The storm dropped about 10 inches of wet heavy snow in town. Normally 10 inches wouldn’t be enough for anybody to actually ski unless you wanted to blow out your edge or a knee, but when you have a plethora of glaciers in the nearby valleys, it makes skiing very possible. Crow Pass is home to one of those glaciers, Jewel Glacier, nestled around 4,500 feet above Girdwood Valley. This glacier is fairly unique due to its easy access, meaning it does not require the normal tools that you would [...]

94″ of snow are forecasted for 10,000-foot Mt. Baker in Washington state in the next four days. A series of very wet storms will be marching into the area beginning today. Snow levels will be around 6,000-feet with these storms meaning that the upper part of Mt. Baker will be buried in snow after these storms pass through. As per usual, winter kicks off with a Bang in Washington state. A series of wet storm systems will begin to affect the Inland Northwest tonight, and continue through much of the week. While most areas will receive [...]

The Siberia chairlift at Squaw Valley, CA is the oldest detachable quad chairlift in the USA. Squaw has requested a Conditional Use Permit to replace the Siberia chair in 2015. If this permit is granted, Squaw would rip out the old Siberia chair and replace it with a high speed six-pack chairlift. This would be the first major lift replacement at Squaw since they put in the Big Blue chair in 2012. The advantages of the new chair: – It’ll likely get more skiers uphill per hour (2,400 skiers per hour) – Chairs will be heavier and more likely to run [...]

The 3-minute video that Sweetgrass productions made of skiers wearing LED Lightsuits was a huge hit. Now, they’ve released the full 12-minute video of these guys hucking, skiing spines, and getting faceshots at night. This is the most creative video in skiing thus far and it’s hypnotizing to watch. To watch the 12 Minute Video, hit the link below, scroll down, and look for “Afterglow Full Film” on the left: From the depth of the creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-been-done-before scale of the shoot, Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever [...]

I had never skied snow so deep, so light, so dry. It blew over my head and into my nose and mouth and face. To turn in it was effortless. It was endlessly deep and it was unending. Run after run the conditions were always the same. Perfect powder. It just did not stop snowing. Skin tracks were filled within hours. Runs were renewed like magic. There was no hint that we had been there the day before or even just that morning. When would it stop snowing.? Who cared? There is no such thing as too much snow. […

Sugar Bowl ski resort in California has been around since 1939. That’s 75 years. Sugar Bowl has been around so long because the have some amazing things going for them: – They put in a new, badass chairlift last year that provides 1,000-vertical-feet of solid, fall-line, freeride terrain called theCrow’s Peak triple chair. – They get 500″ of snow per year, the most in Tahoe – Closest ski resort to the Bay Area and Sacramento – Season passes from $249 for a mid-week, and $589 for a Sugar Bowl + Royal Gorge pass. Pick up your pass here & check all the prices here: Sugar Bowl Season Pass [...]

NOAA’s Reno office has just released their official 2014/15 winter weather outlook for the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Western Nevada. They did it in video format and it’s a very informative 2 part series that covers all you need to know about the coming winter and what we can expect. Part 1 summarizes the drought situation, what’s up with El Nino, and the official NOAA winter outlook. Part 2 goes into the science of seasonal prediction in the Sierra and western Nevada and why it can be [...]

Lake Tahoe, California is expecting it’s 3rd snowstorm of the 2014/15 winter season today. Snow levels will be as low as 6,000-feet tonight in Tahoe. The wind will be ripping along the lake today as well. So many people are surfing Tahoe now, that we’re going to start having Lake Tahoe surf forecasts. Count this as our first. If you’re in Tahoe, grab your board and go have a look today. NOAA is calling for 2-4 foot waves today in Lake Tahoe. Low pressure will move through northern California and northwest Nevada on Monday. This will [...]

 I spent two months skiing in South America this summer, and it was fun! My trip took me to Nevados de Chillan for two weeks, Las Leñas for a month, and the Cordon del Plata for a week. I’ve been coming down here for nine years now, which makes me feel kind of old, but also very fortunate. The majority of these photos were taken by Moritz Morlok. Thanks Boyscout! I arrived in Santiago in the middle of August. Typically I head straight to Las Leñas, but things were looking a bit dry and warm there, so I decided to go south to Nevados de Chillan instead. I’ve been hearing good things about Nevados in recent years, and it seems to be the [...]

If you need gear, you need The Local’s Pro Sale. These guys get gear from sponsored pro skiers and snowboarders and sell it to us. They only sell solid gear and they sell it cheap. About The Locals Pro Sale: This is not your Dad’s Ski Swap. The Local’s Pro Sale is one hell of an event to get stoked for Winter. Not only with a huge roster of pro skiers and snowboarders offering up new & used gear, but also an on campus venue and sweet flavor. The Local’s Pro-Sale is much more than a sale where you get gear for 60 -95% off retail, it’s a two-day party that will sure change the way you view getting ‘set’ for winter. With art and photos from local [...]

My life was forever changed when when my parents took me to watch Steeper and Deeper in 1992. While watching one of the big mountain powder scenes I remember turning to a friend and saying, “I want to do that”. Ever since then skiing has been a major part of my life. 20 years later I finally got my chance. In April I got the opportunity to go to Points North Heli in Cordova Alaska. Skiing in the Chugach is an experience of a lifetime. I was very fortunate; the weather cooperated perfectly for my trip [...]

Whoa. Kelly Slater perfectly landed a 540 on a surfboard in Portugal today. The guy is 42 years old and still the best surfer in the world. Kelly is in Portugal waiting to compete in surfing’s World Championship Tour. He is currently ranked #2 in the world with a chance to win it all if things go his way in the final two contests. Just now, during a lay day at the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal, Kelly landed a 540. Or a 720. Or something. It serves as a blatant reminder that he is still the best man to ever set foot on a surfboard, and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time — you know, with that whole world title race and all. Just click play and [...]

As many of us experienced, skiing powder last winter was a struggle for those seeking refuge on the west coast of the US. California was hit hard, but Oregon and Washington also suffered from meager storms that infrequently deposited snow. By the time spring rolled around, I had skied less than 5 powder days, 3 of which were in Wyoming with a bunch of hooligan Tele skiers at Targhee’s 2014 Big Mountain Tele comp. It snowed a foot of fluff ever day I was in the Tetons. In fact, so much so that the event was cancelled due to zero vis [...]

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