Mammoth experienced its 2nd mini-powder day in a row yesterday – 3rd of the week. 2-3 inches of new snow covered the mountain and the layer underneath the snow was soft. You could ski nearly as fast as you wanted. There were a few more people out than the day before, but it was still mostly vacant. I skied solo and was able to ski 4 of the chute/gullies off the top first. I arrived at 8:30am and by 9:30 the mountain became socked in by cloud and was never released. Once […]

  Not all wet dreams are good dreams.   A lot inspired the namesake of this saga. Constantly dreaming about getting to ski these towering mountains played a factor, however it wasn’t until a deluge of rain for two consecutive […]

The Jackson Hole Tram Crew has been working hard to get the Aerial Tram ready for opening day of the summer season…which is tomorrow! Based on the views at the top, you wouldn’t guess that it’s summer- 71 inches of snow has accumulated in Rendezvous Bowl since the resort closed on April 5th. A little bit of snow has never stopped us before, so we’re kicking off summer this Saturday, May 23rd by opening the Aerial Tram, Corbet’s Cabin (mmmm waffles) […]

Spring time in Whistler always promotes good fun, with long days making it possible to do many activities. The snow is slushy and smooth, the sun is out, goggle tans are in full swing, and everyone is having a good time on the hill.

This spring has been interesting as Whistler Blackcomb decided to leave Whistler open into the late months of winter instead of Blackcomb. This has actually been really fun for me as I rarely ride Whistler. Lapping peak chair with no lines, and doing side hits and wind lips […]

It’s getting close to the end, snow humans. Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. Despite it being the beginning of summer, we’ve still got 5 ski resorts rockin’ in North America. We’re losing Mammoth in CA this weekend but the other 4 will be hanging in there. California, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, and Canada are still in the game. Let’s all get out there and get after it while we still can. Ah, Springtime… Park, pipe, shorts, bikinis, hot tubs, hot springs, ice cream, beer, beer guts, sunglasses, stinky sunscreen, hot dogs, ball caps, sunburns, costumes, and deep powder. […]

Tioga Pass & Sonora Pass have reopened today at about 9am. Happy Memorial Weekend! 9,624-foot Sonora Pass never did reopen after the last snowstorm closed both Tioga and Sonora back on May 14th. Mammoth had a fun little powder day yesterday and today should be even better. It snow like crazy for a long time yesterday afternoon/evening. The weather is forecast to continue to be unsettled the next few days. We’re hoping they can get Tioga reopened for the big Memorial Day Weekend. We’ll keep you posted. […]

The International Research Institute of Climate Sociology (IRI) based at Colombia University, NY released their latest El Nino update today and they are calling for a strong El Nino for winter 2015/16. That IRI El Nino update states two important things: A weak to moderate El Nino is currently occurring will continue until July, 2015 A moderate to strong El Nino will develop this summer and continue into 2016. We only have 5 strong El Ninos on record in Northern California and 4 out of 5 of them delivered above average precipitation in California. Once El Nino cools […]

I skied Mammoth Mountain today solo. I rode Chair 23 for an hour without seeing nor hearing another skier or rider. There was 2-4″ of new, wet snow on top of a soft under layer. You could go fast. You could speed check. The skiing was damn good. The ski day began with cloud and sun. The ski day ended completely socked in and snowing. At 1:04pm, thunder began to clap loudly to the north. It got closer every run. At 1:18pm, they closed the mountain. The thunderstorm was approaching. Since closing, it hasn’t stopped snowing. […]

Colorado is having one helluva May. It’s been snowing like crazy this may and it won’t stop. NOAA is forecasting another 3-6″ for Colorado today and tonight and they’ve issued a Winter Weather Advisory. Arapahoe Basin is still open and they’ve had some great powder days this month. They’ve gotten 9″ in the past 3 days. THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN GRAND JUNCTION HAS ISSUED A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY ABOVE […]

At our climb debrief Sunday afternoon, the guides came off the mountain raving about the great conditions on Mt. Shasta. You know it must be good when they reach the summit on Sunday and turn around early Monday morning to head right back up on their day off. The recent weather pattern has been a fairly “normal” spring. At any moment it could be snowing, sunny, windy, hot, cold, or complete whiteout. It changes frequently and when the sunny card turns up it can be magnificent This is what we experienced this past weekend. At 3:00am Sunday morning, the snow and wind howled and our climb teams forged […]

What we have to ask ourselves is: “Is it worth dying for?” Is it? It might be. It totally depends on your perspective and where you are in your individual sport. Have we taken it all too far? Are sponsors to blame for making money off the injuries and deaths of the athletes they support? Or, is this just the natural progression of human nature? Human has always risked injury and death to see what is around the next corner. We’ve always pushed the envelope and we’ve always paid high prices for that curiosity. For that thrill. For that desire to see what else is out there. […]

The headlights rapidly descending the hill behind me at first failed to catch my attention. It was growing late and it had been some time since I had last seen another car on this lonely road. It was then that they became noticeable and the pace at which they approached became concerning. As they reached me and shone brightly through my rear window the profile became recognizably familiar. It was the Highway Patrol. F*ck! I flipped the cruise control off and conspicuously slowed to the posted speed limit. I mean sure, I was speeding, but I wasn’t really speeding. […]

We are sad to report that 42-year-old Stephen P. Adamson, Jr passed away Tuesday evening, May 19th, 2015 at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Stephen died due to the injuries he sustained after a bad fall caused by a small avalanche on Mt. Moran last Saturday. Stephen is survived by his wife and two children Stephen was climbing the 3,100-vertical-foot, 45-degree Sickle Couloir with three other skiers when a small snow slide knocked three of them off their feet 600-vertical-feet down the mountain. Only […]

Now that Paradise is starting to get some 85 degree weather, time to enjoy some of the little gems this little town has to offer. Behind the Feather River Hospital is the Paradise Flumes. An old logging flume along the Feather River, which is home to some glorious swimming holes. The adventure we embarked on was our mission to find “Cable Pools.” Cable pools is a popular college swimming hole for cliff jumpers that houses beginners and experts. Cliffs range from 10′ to 60′. If you’ve seen any of my other posts, you know I’m up towards the top. […]

45-minutes south of the bustle of Bariloche, Argentina is a special place called Baguales Mountain Reserve. Baguales is a large cat skiing operation with three huts, expansive terrain, unique wildlife, and nothing around for miles. The amount and variety of terrain here is impressive. This is the real Patagonia. The Patagonia you read about in books and hear about in stories. This season, Baguales has excellent new packages that cater to every timeframe and type of […]

The Northstar Bike park will be having their earliest opening ever this Friday, May 22nd. Northstar will offer lift-served access Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,May 22 through June 26; daily riding begins Friday, June 26, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with Friday evening riding extended to 7 p.m. Their Free-Ride Unlimited Pass costs $369 this year. This pass allows unlimited mountain bike access to Northstar, Kirkwood, Vail, Keystone, and the Canyons. We ranked Northstar #3 in our Top 10 Bike Parks in North America. If you aren’t into mountain biking, it’s time to start. It’s going to be a long summer and we might as well get out there and enjoy the heck out of it. […]

9,943-foot Tioga Pass and 9,624-foot Sonora Pass closed last week on May 14th due to a snowstorm that came through the area and dropped up to a foot of snow on the roadways. This was the 2nd time these passes have closed due to snowstorms since their record early opening on April 17th, 2015. The weather has cleared up since May 14th allowing for Tioga Pass to open yesterday. Sonora pass has remained closed however, possibly due to deeper snow on the highway and continued isolated snow showers that have persisted in the area this week including today. NOAA is […]

We’ve still got 5 ski resorts rockin’ in North America this week and a one of them is experiencing powder right now. Arapahoe Basin got 6″ of snow over night. Colorado is forecast to get 10-20″ of snow today. California, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, and Canada are still in the game. Let’s all get out there and get after it while we still can. Ah, Springtime… Park, pipe, shorts, bikinis, hot tubs, hot springs, ice cream, beer, beer guts, sunglasses, stinky sunscreen, hot dogs, ball caps, sunburns, costumes, and deep powder. California, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, and Canada are still in the game. […]

Colorado is still on track to receive 10-20 inches of snow today and they’ve expanded their Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Storm Watches to include more areas and mountains. Arapahoe Basin, CO got 6″ of snow overnight, 15″ in the past 3 days, and it’s still snowing. Colorado has been getting it in May and it’s not over yet. Get out there and have fun, but don’t forget about avalanches. All this new snow, with higher springtime […]

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Squaw Valley’s proposed village expansion was just released. The EIR is several hundred pages long but can be summarized in these words from the report itself: “Significant or potentially significant effects associated with population, employment, and housing; biological resources; cultural resources; visual resources; traffic and circulation; air quality; noise; soils, geology, and seismicity; hydrology and water quality; public services and utilities; hazardous materials and hazards; air quality; and greenhouse gases and climate change.” […]

Mammoth ski resort in California experienced a vicious 1″ powder storm last night. When we awoke, we saw that there was only 1″ of new snow and we decided to wait and show up at 11am once things had softened up a bit. When we got to the hill, we could see fresh tracks coming down from Chair 23 and we began to ponder: “could this be a horribly good 1″ powder day?” In fact, it was. Once up on 23, we found the skiing buttery with blown in snow and a chalky base. As of 11:30am, the […]

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