Some good news in the ski industry, finally! Both the numbers of skiers and snowboarders was up in 2014/15 by 4%. This is huge. Especially considering how bad the snow season was in 2014/15 in much of North America. This is also great news because hopefully this will keep the ski and snowboard industries alive and well right down to your favorite ski/snowboard shop in your local town. Park skier participation was up 10% to 4.5 million park riding crazies. Nice! Snowshoer number were even up in 2014/15.

According to NOAA and other sources, winter 2015/16 in the USA will see a Strong El Nino, possibly the strongest on record.. What exactly the coming strong El Nino means for different parts of the USA is what we are all truly interested in. Hats off to Meteorologist Chris Tomer who has come right out and given us a […]

Late Saturday morning, 40-year-old Wil Olson from Edwards CO died while racing in the Crested Butte Big Mountain Enduro World Series event. Wil’s death resulted in the cancelation of the rest of the competition. Wil suffered severe chest traua when he crashed hard on Forest Service Trail 400 on Star Pass near the Block and Tackle Trail. […]

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has failed us. They’ve chosen a venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics that lacks the most fundimental element necessary for winter sport: snow. The snow venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics average a wintertime snow depth of 2″. They average 2″ of snow

Catedral ski resort is reporting 50cms (20″) in the past two days. We climbed up today and measured over 3-feet of new snow in spots. The snow came with big wind that was strong enough to shut the ski resort for most of the day today. This afternoon, they were able to get the lower mountain open but the mid and upper mountains remained closed. Yes, we as skiers and riders overuse the term “no one out”. But today, we really mean it. Since the mountain was shutdown, I hiked up to […]

This truly is nuts… Riding a motor bike on waves? C’mon! Seriously? Yes. “DC presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddo rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti. From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddo was dressed for FMX when he took his dirt bike into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia. For nearly two years Robbie has been focused on making surfing on his motorbike a reality. His efforts […]

Ohau I love to ski! Ohau, New Zealand is a skiers/snowboarders paradise that most of the world hasn’t found yet. Ohau has been hit by several storms this season depositing lots of snow but unfortunately high winds have followed most of those storms and re-deposited that snow elsewhere. The snow that is around is fresh for days but watch out for lots of hidden sharks just under the surface in more exposed areas. The summit currently has the best snow on the mountain with smooth consistent powder, it’s well worth the short hike.

Legendary Timberline Lodge ski resort on Mt. Hood, OR will be closing early this season on August 2nd for the first time in decade. Timberline almost always stays open until the end of September (Labor Day) and has the longest season in North America by far. The last time Timberline closed early was on August 18th, 2005. Timberline averages over 400″ of snowfall per winter but this year they only got 297″. That lack of snow is what has lead to the early closure this year.

Some of these jumps are sketchy. Sketchy in cliff jumping is when you have to clear something in the air and/or the landing is tight with rocks and obstacles all around. This video has plenty of both. It’s summer and during summer, one of the best things you can do is go cliff jumping. It’s fun, it’s scary, it helps with aerial control which can translate to skiing and riding, and it’s a great way to cool off. Vermont has some killer cliff jumping it turns out. Brooks Curran and his buddies show us just how rad you can get in the VT during summertime. Cool off.

On July 19th, Mick Fanning was surfing in the Finals of the World Surf League’s Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa tour stop. He was attacked by a shark in the first minutes of the event, had his leash bitten through, and escaped unscathed. The competition was canceled. Mick recently got back in the water while filming with CBS’s “60 Minutes” program. During his first surf since being attacked in South Africa, Mick saw a shark… The above video documents the shark siting.

Beijing, China was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics today, Friday. Beijing, the capital of China will be the first city to have hosted both a Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Beijing hosted the Summer Olympic Games back in 2008. “Summer or Winter Games, they all represent the Olympic ideals. It’s the right time, the perfect time, for the Olympics to return to Beijing.” – Yao Ming, the Chinese N.B.A. star who retired in 2011 To be honest, the choices for the 2020 Winter Olympics weren’t great. It was Beijing […]

After buying bought Park City for $182.5 million, Vail is now now connecting Park City to The Canyons (which Vail already runs) to create the largest ski resort in the USA at 7,300+ acres. The new ski resort will simply be called “Park City” but the old canyons […]

Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina has been getting hammered by snow since last weekend. Coverage up high is damn good and things are pretty thin down low. Today was the first day with good visibility all week and it did not disappoint. Catedral is reporting about a foot of snow in the past two days on the upper mountain. Last night’s cold sucked some of the moisture out of the old snow and a few new inches of snow had fallen since closing yesterday making […]

The official exchange rate right now is 1 US Dollar = 9.18 Argentine Pesos. This is a good exchange considering only 6 years ago the exchange was 1 USD = 3.5 Argentine Pesos. So, no matter what, you’re richer in Argentina than you are in the USA. Now, you have to consider that Argentina’s black market (they call it the blue market) exchange rate is 1 USD = 15 Argentine Pesos. 15 pesos! That’s insane. With the blue dollar, you’re […]

Aymar Navarro just skied this wild line in Las Lenas, Argentina this week. The first video is great, but we like the GoPro video best. That thing gets tight and fast and airy real quick! Besides being a great line, it’s in a gorgeous zone. Just imagine if this thing had been in the light for this video. Aymar […]

TGR just dropped a teaser for their upcoming film “Paradise Waits.” TGR has been killing it lately with their 2014 ski/snowboard movie “Almost Ablaze” beating out Red Bull/MSP’s big dollar 2-year movie project “Day of My Youth.” Almost Ablaze won Movie of the Year at the Powder Awards and Film of the Year at the IF3 Awards. Red Bull’s big money did not end up in a win for MSP last year. Not bad considering that Red Bull/MSP had two years to film their movie and TGR made theirs in only one year. This year’s coming movie looks pretty damn good according to […]

Fighting on flat land is hard enough. Fighting in the mountains takes a special breed or soldier. Bridgeport, California holds the USA’s only mountain warfare training center and the soldiers there are something special. I was once skinning up a mountainside near Bridgeport, CA on Sonora Pass. I paused in the shade of a tree to wait for my friends below. While waiting, I heard “[…]

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