Watch this hilarious parody of Candide Thovex’s “One of Those Days” (and the infamous #2) from Team Valoche. The French “Suitcase Team” gives a kick-ass shot at Candide’s legendary lines – nordic style. Shots include a double backy, jumping Santa & a dogsled on the cat-track, and of course, slapping a baguette out of some dude’s hand.

The day has finally come. VT’s own Ben & Jerry’s and Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing Co. have teamed up to create an ice cream inspired brew – the “Salted Caramel Brownie” brown ale. The beer, which won’t hit shelves until fall, will be “laden with chocolaty, salted-caramel, vanilla goodness, while helping Protect Our Winters combat climate change,” according to the packaging. While a sixer of this may sound sickeningly sweet, there’s more to the story than ice cream beer. Both companies are “B-Corps” with strong histories of social activism, and Ben & Jerry’s Senior Global […]

Better late than never. With only 5 days till closing we received our biggest single storm of the season! With weird springtime dynamics, lake effect, and a shallow storm, total snowfall amounts ranged from 20″ – 39″ with most places inbounds at Alta on the high end! The storm came in hot with a good ol’ fashioned dust storm and a 25 degree temperature drop in the matter of a couple hours. Then the guns turned on. All systems go. We had lake effect, orographic enhancement, a touch of daytime heating enhancement and a good dose of Alta magic.

Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline, found a love for snowboarding after his big pro surfer days. He moved to Bend, Oregon and made Mt. Bachelor his home mountain. Each year, he throws a unique snowboarding competition at Bachelor that he calls “The Big Wave Challenge.” If you’re in Oregon next weekend, you’ll want to come out and check this even out. Mt Bachelor […]

One of the snowiest places on Earth opened up her alpine route to tourists today with walls of snow up to 65-feet tall. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Japan is about 5 hours from Tokyo and this uniquely beautiful alpine zone attracts up to 1 million visitors per year. Tourists crowded the route yesterday to see the impressive 65-foot snow walls and revel in the alpine of Tateyama. The snowiest part of the route is 1000-feet long and the park allows visitors to walk this section to take photos and be blown away by all the snow. The entire […]

Alta, Utah just got hit by their biggest storm of the season. They got 34″ of new snow out of this storm and it’s still coming down. Alta now has a 95″ base and they’ve gotten 309″ of snowfall this season. Our reporter Aaron Rice was in the Alta backcountry yesterday and couldn’t believe how deep it was. His video is above for proof. “Amazing, old fashioned, Cottonwoods storm–the largest of the year–which ain’t sayin’ much in a year like this. Alta Collins weather […]

The world just saw its first quad cork trick on a snowboard yesterday when Billy Morgan threw a backside 1800 quad cork in Italy. That’s insane. Skiing saw its first quadruple flip 1080 back in 1983 at Donner Ski Ranch, Caifornia – 32 years ago… This video shows Frank Bare throwing this triple twisting quadruple backflip in Tahoe and his triple flip warm up. Just as the quad cork yesterday on a snowboard was huge, this quad flip on skis 32 years ago was enormous. […]

Jackson Hole has a new puppy in training for the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol. Tater, an 8-week-old Golden Retriever, showed up in Jackson two days ago. His full name is Sir Tater Tot of the Tetons. An avalanche dog can search one hectare (2.5 acres) in about 30 minutes. It would take 20 humans around 4 hours to cover an equivalent area using avalanche probes. The speed with which an “avy dog” locates an avalanche victim is absolutely vital. Around 90% of avalanche victims will survive if recovered in the first 15 minutes after burial […]

It is safe to say that April has been the best month of the season for powder. It has been going off in Whistler for the last two weeks, with deep storms and cold temperatures compared to the rest of the winter. The alpine has been all time with new snow every couple of days, making it fresh and fun. There has been some wind with these most recent storms making some pockets super deep, while other ridges are icy and have variable snow. Crowds have been pretty small during the weekdays, and not too bad on the weekends either. This week there have been more people on the mountain and in the bars due to WSSF (World Ski and Snowboard Festival).

Squaw Valley just announced via Instagram that they will be extending their season to April 26th. Originally, they were going to close on April 12th, then new snow allowed them to stay open until April 19th. A bit more new snow has encouraged them to stay open until April 26th. Thanks Squaw. “We’re extending our season AGAIN at Squaw Valley! More time for turns and fun at the spring skiing capital through April 26th.” – Squaw Valley If no other ski resorts in Tahoe follow suit, Squaw will be the only ski resort open in Lake Tahoe beginning Monday. […]

Billy Morgan just landed the first ever quadruple flip on a snowboard. Technically, it was a backside 1800º quad cork. Here’s what Red Bull had to say about it: As the level of progression in freestyle snowboarding continues to evolve at a crazy rate, the race to stomp the first quadruple cork has unofficially been on all year… and UK rider Billy Morgan just crossed the line, […]

NOAA is forecasting a strong storm that will hit Colorado tonight through Saturday that will drop 12-24″ of new snow on Colorado. A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for Colorado. “A strong storm system will deepen across the four corners region overnight and track across southern Colorado on Friday. Ahead of this system, there will be a slight chance for severe storms across far northeast Colorado. This […]

One good thing about low snowfall in California is that both the Sonora and Tioga passes in California will be opening very early. Sonora pass opens Friday and Tioga pass will open to the pass at 9,943-feet from the East today. Both of these passes give access to some of the most incredible backcountry skiing in the USA. SONORA AND TIOGA PASS OPENING DATES: 9,624-foot Sonora Pass will open on Friday, April 17th, 2015. 9,943-foot Tioga […]

Last spring, Ben Pichotti became the first person to ever successfully complete a 360º pond crossing at the Cushing Crossing at Squaw Valley, USA. This year, a skier successfully completed a backflip pond crossing at the Alyeska pond crossing. It does make us wonder what’s next? Rodeo flip pond crossing? 720º pond crossing? Pond crossings very well may likely take on a life of their own and start catering to tricks and build better jumps as this one in Alyeska had. We’ll see. A skier successfully completed a backflip pond crossing […]

A Deer Valley ski instructor died after colliding with a pole on Sunday. Rafal “Rafi” Uzieblo, 42, collided with the Sterling Express Chairlift pole on the Bird’s Eye ski run. He was pronounced dead on scene. A seasoned veteran, Uzieblo had worked for Deer Valley seven years, according to resort officials. Sunday was the last day Deer Valley’s ski season. Capt. Rick Ryan of the Park City police said it is unknown how Uzieblo crashed into the lift, but they are ruling it as an accident. Uzieblo was not wearing any protective gear at the time. Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Mr. Uzieblo.

Rather than a dreamy peak observed from our window, Goryudake hides a bit farther back with a less straightforward approach. When observed from the correct angle, its diamond shaped rock formations become obvious, revealing a couloir seemingly cut by Zorro […]

A 28-year old Bozeman man died in a small avalanche Saturday afternoon, just north of Big Sky, Montana. Jens Anderson, along with three friends, was skiing the Hanging Garden couloir on Beehive Peak. Anderson went first and triggered the slide. He was swept over a large rock face, and tragically died of trauma. Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson said Anderson’s brother, a physician, was one of the three men skiing along with him. Anderson’s brother pronounced him dead at […]

This is your last chance to get up and ski in Lake Tahoe this winter. Kirkwood, Squaw, Mt. Rose, and Heavenly are the only ski resorts still open in Tahoe and they’ll all be closing this Sunday, April 19th. Despite being a low snow year, Tahoe hung very tough. Ski Resorts opened in November and stayed open until mid-April. Not bad. This year may very well be the worst snow year on record in Lake Tahoe. Our snowpack is somewhere around 3% of average right now, but the skiing up high has still been great. Just last week the boys were […]

Mt. Baker ski resort in Washington state closed due to a lack of snow on March 8th and hasn’t been open since. Today, Baker announced that they will be reopening this Thursday, April 16th. They just got 2-feet of new snow and that was just enough to reach the base depth they need to restart operations. Baker has 33″ of snow at the base of Heather Meadows and 65″ of snow at Heather Meadows. […]

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