We got an alpine start and headed up to ski the tuning fork earlier this week. Right away we both saw the stunning East facing line off Grizzly Peak D. We decided to ski Grizzly Couloir instead. It’s high walls and very thin but continuous strip of snow made it a very aesthetic line, though the snow left a bit to be desired. The skiing was thin and great! There was a good bit of ice in the snow and a bunch of fallen rocks on the snow, but the middle section was soft and smooth, just the way snow should be in late July! With our early start we still had time to ski the Tuning Fork. So we [...]

Las Lenas ski resort in Argentina just had a pretty darned good powder day last week. It still appears that the inbounds stuff is thin and sketchy, but it’s obvious from this report that the backcountry is skiing well. The terrain is so big in Las Lenas, that you just need a bit of powder to make for an unreal experience. “I skied las lenas the last week and the snow condition were incredible! [...]

The beginning of this video is fun to watch. Then, you see the POV angle in the end. Wow. That’s some of the most ideal ski terrain we’ve seen. Spines, pillows, nobs, little chutes, and all of it steep. It’s a dream line. Eric make a mistake in the end and lets his sluff catch up to him. But, the guy is a pro and he simply points it, gets completely shacked by his sluff, the muscles it and get spat out into glory. A celebratory beer was certainly deserved after this tube spitting line. [...]

Whoa. This is impressive. You can tell how big this front flip was by how much the guy flips out after landing it. It clearly meant a lot. Have you seen a bigger front flip on a bike? “Did Tom van Steenbergen stomp the biggest front flip in mountain bike history? Watch the video from Tom’s Sony Action Cam, shot during production of Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Film’s new movie, UNREAL. Coming Summer 2015.” – TGR [...]

A Telluride crew went out this week and got in some quality summer skiing at Telluride ski resort in Colorado. Conditions were approximately what you’d expect this time of year. We aren’t from Telluride, but it looks like they still have a ton of snow down there considering it’s nearly August. This edit is straightforward enough. If it wasn’t for the cheesy tunes, you might not even realize that Telluride ski resort made the video. “It’s the middle of the summer, and all we can think [...]

The historic California drought is now 3 years old and the numbers are starting to add up. It’s not looking good for California. “Eleven of the past fifteen years have been drier than normal, with the past three years delivering about 45 percent of normal rain and snowpack in Southern California. This follows two of the wettest decades in California’s history—the 1980s and 1990s [...]

El Nino is most likely still on its way to North America in 2014/15 but it may not be as strong as once predicted. NOAA is now favoring this El Nino to be weak-to-moderate. We are currently in an El Nino Watch, which means that “conditions are favorable for the development of El Niño or La Niña conditions within the next six months.” Right now, NOAA is giving El Nino an 80% chance of happening this winter in North America. Below is some very technical speak about where El Nino is right now and what the chances are it will happen in North America this winter. This quote sums up all you really need to know:[...]

Just yesterday, the New South Wales National Parks and WIldlife Service in Australia issued an avalanche warning for the Kosciuszko National Park (which holds Australia’s highest peak, Mt. Kosciuszko, at 7,310 ft). Avalanches are more rare in Australia than in Europe and North America, but not unheard of. Two snowboarders lost their lives in an avalanche in Australia earlier this month. We’ve never seen an avalanche warning issued, so things must [...]

Red Bull & MSP just released their latest trailer for their 2-year movie project: “Days of My Youth”. This won’t be their last trailer for this movie. The trailer is OK, but might be about 1:30 too long. There is no skiing at all in the trailer until the 1:25 minute mark. There is a line at the end that is some sort of long, skinny, tunnel chute that is very cool. It does seem since Sherpa Cinema’s “All. I. Can.” and the explosion of internet ski porn that people now have to have a story associated with their ski movie. MSP hasn’t done a storyline style ski movie [...]

A 40-year-old British female climber was caught and killed in an avalanche along with a 50-year-old Swiss male this weekend in the Swiss Alps. They were only 100 vertical feet from the summit of 11,000 foot Pointes de Mourti when a 330-foot wide avalanche hit them at 7:25am on Saturday. Four other climbers were caught in the avalanche and survived. One of the survivors called rescuers and three helicopters arrived at the [...]

There were smiles all around on our first chair of the day today. I’m pretty sure I heard shouts of “Yewwwwwwww!!!” and “Winning!” on my first ski down. After a late start due to road closures, I was on the chair by 10am with a bright blue sky. There were 15 cms (that’s 5.9 inches for you ignorant Americans) of fresh, 10% moisture content, white gold [...]

A perfect Colorado day allowed us to get an early start and walk the ridge out to Skyscraper. We skied a picturesque line right down to Bob Lake. The snow was firm yet soft. A bit bumpy, but nothing unmanageable, pretty dirty, but not too sticky. The top of the line had a good sized bergschrund that we had to avoid. So if the 95 degree heat in the plains is getting to you, just know that there is plenty of snow to be had, it just takes an early start and a short walk. [...]

I drove through Yosemite on Friday and Saturday. Rainbow Pools was going off. I’ve never seen so many people there. I had to park up the road and walk down. That’s never happened to me. There were over 100 people hanging out, fishing, swimming, peanut gallerying, and cliff jumping. One guy threw a double backflip and put the rest of us to shame. A couple other guys, who’d clearly been drinking, tried flips and ended up doing 1.25 flips with very loud, painful, and entertaining consequences. The crowd that spends time at Rainbow Pools is the classic American crowd. I call it the Big ___s and Tattoo crowd – B.T.&T. in [..]

A recent report highlighted the jump in sales for ultra big screen televisions. Televisions 50 inches and up now account for 25% of all sales. Screens 65 inches and greater have seen a 69% boost over the past year. All of this news had me a bit concerned… Is my screen large enough? No one wants word to get out that his screen is disappointingly small. This was all very disconcerting, indeed. It was true seemingly everywhere I looked there were more screens and they were getting bigger and bigger. In Reno, Nevada, the Grand Sierra Resort is [...]

Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina is starting to build up enough snowpack to make things interesting. Actually, from these photos, the upper mountain is looking damn good. One of our reporters there, local ripper Julian, just sent us these photos and this report. He’s reporting that there is over a 3 foot base at the top and that you can ski to the bottom. Many years, you can never ski all the way to the bottom. Sounds like [...]

Men’s Health just put together a list of the top 100 drunkest cities in America. All we can say is: “East Coast, where you at?” There isn’t a single city east of the Mississippi on this list. C’mon East Coast, step it up, would ya? California and Texas are the drunkest states according to this list. They actually did a great job of coming up with a formula for which cities are the drunkest: 1st = Most liver disease [...]

Things in Australia have been looking pretty good lately, after a bit of a late start, the mountains have been seeing some decent falls of snow. The forecast for last weekend was looking good, a little bit of fresh snow and then sunshine. Rob and Myself got in the car late Friday afternoon and begun the six and a half hour mission up to the mountains. Saturday was a great day in the resort of Mt Hotham, little bit of fresh snow overnight kept everyone happy and stoked. The ski area [...]

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