Ski patrollers are the most important people at any ski resort. The services they provide are beyond value. Patrollers perform avalanche safety, save lives and limbs, reset boundaries ropes and signage after every storm, decide what can be skied each day, answer an onslaught of questions, work long hours, handle high explosives, fire canons, and ski like demons. Patrollers spend everyday on the mountain making sure you’re as safe as possible. What’s fascinating is that we don’t pay […]

Utah is having it’s warmest winter on record, which isn’t great. But, right now, Utah has a Winter Storm Warning in effect and the Cottonwood Canyons are expecting 10-20 inches of new snow, which is nice. It’s been so warm and dry in Utah, that NOAA Salt Lake City even got a little snarky with their latest Facebook post: For the first time since December, many of you will see big orange trucks on the northern Utah area roadways. They are called snow plows. For snow amounts see attached image. – NOAA Salt Lake City, UT Alta has gotten 218″ […]

If you’ve been keeping up to date with, then you know founder and CEO Miles Clark has been living a skiers dream out in the Land of The Rising Sun. As I sit here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, watching ski resort after ski resort reduce their operations due to rising temperatures, I can’t help but feel a certain way towards my boss……. what’s that word, oh right jealousy […]

The San Juan mountain range of Colorado (Telluride, Silverton) is currently under a Blizzard Warning, a Winter Storm Warning, and an Avalanche Warning. 2-4 feet of new snow is expected from the current storm that is expected to finally blow through on Tuesday evening. As of March 2nd, Telluride has already gotten 21″ of snow out of this storm. Silverton has already gotten 22″ of snow out of this storm and 8-12 more inches are expected tonight and tomorrow. Blizzard Warnings have been issued above 10,000 feet for the San Juans and also a portion of the southern central mountains (the red in the first graphic) […]

As I drove out to Sugar Bowl from Tahoe City on Sunday morning, I knew I had made the right call. The traffic on 89 heading into Squaw and Alpine looked quite stressful while and the mellow drive to Sugar Bowl via old 40 was peaceful and scenic. As expected, the crowds were very manageable and the longest wait for a chair all day wasn’t even 5 minutes. This makes going bell to bell a bit more challenging…

It has been far too long since skiers in Tahoe have had the pleasure of a genuine powder face shot, but after this weekend’s storm skiers all across the basin were able to get in deep and remember the feeling. The video above chronicles some of the goods that were to be found on Mt. Rose Saturday morning and Squaw Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Seeing snow coating the trees in town once again simple feels right, now if only Miracle March will deliver and keep bringing the snow!

NOAA is forecasting a big storm for Colorado. 1-2 feet is expected. NOAA has issued a winter storm warning for much of Colorado for Monday and Tuesday. Today appears to be a transition day from the warm, moist phase of this strong long duration storm to the cold phase. As the closed low pressure system continues to dive down the California coast, pulling up sufficient moisture from the Pacific, a strong cold front and upper level jet will move across the area today. […]

I’ve been visiting Silverton almost yearly since they loaded their first guest on the infamous double chair that summits at 12,300ft. Why? First of all, they almost always receive early snowfall, so skiing in December can be quite good. Secondly, the terrain, views and consistent pitch to the valley floor is hard to beat when compared to other resorts in Colorado. I’ve done guided, unguided and of […]

Gus Kenworthy just threw 4 doubles in one run. We don’t think 4 doubles have ever been thrown in one run in a half-pipe competition. Every air in this run had plenty of amplitude. Gus wasn’t holding anything back. My winning run from the Park City Grand Prix! So stoked to put a run with four doubles down to my feet and walk away with the win! A career highlight for sure :) – Gus Kenworthy About Gus Kenworthy: Gus Kenworthy (born October 1, 1991) is an American freestyle skier from Telluride, Colorado who competes in slopestyleand also the halfpipe. Kenworthy competed at […]

This guy got lucky. Very lucky. Somehow, this guy skis right onto the initial wave of an avalanche that he triggered. He skis up onto the first wave of the avalanche, then proceeds to straightline through the breaking blocks of the avalanche, past the avy, and safely into the runout. He’s pumped once he makes it to safety and he should be. The debris pile from the avy is large and deep. Had he ended up in that pile, it could have been a very bad situation. Stay safe out there. February 15th 2015 Banff Alberta Canada skier triggered size 2.5 […]

For the first time this year, Tahoe caught a break and received double the amount of snow forecasted over the weekend. With easily two feet of snow on the upper mountain, the skiing as well as the vibe came alive at Squaw. Snow fell most of Saturday and Sunday brought intermittent clouds and deep snow. As to be expected, the masses were out and hungry for pow but the lines (save Granite Chief on Sunday), remained manageable. On Saturday the only things to open on the upper mountain were Siberia and Shirley (as well as the beginner terrain) […]

Given that the Lake Tahoe region continues to struggle for snowfall, this family decided to head back out to our ‘go to’ area, Telluride, for good ol’ family ski fun. With six days of skiing planned, we had time to explore, ski with the kids, not ski with kids, long lunches in the sun, ski school drop off, ski school pick ups, short hikes up to Dihedral face…

The weather gods finally delivered snow to Crystal. Over the past four days the ski area picked up nearly 12” of snow. Not a lot over four days (for Washington), but this year that makes up nearly 7% of the total snowfall. Conditions and coverage up high have remained fairly good for the past few weeks, surviving the June-uary warmup that baked the snowpack. The new snow was all […]

Tahoe just got its biggest storm of the season. It was a big of a sneaker storm as only 4-12″ were forecasted by NOAA for this entire storm. Squaw has already gotten 12-17″ and it’s still dumping snow up there. The best part of this storm is that it’s cold and snowing to lake level. This is by far the most snow Tahoe has gotten down to lake level this year. NOAA has a winter weather advisory in effect until 8pm tonight. They’re calling for 1-4 more inches of snow above 7,000. Let it snow. […]

Grand Targhee Photo Gallery ~ Peace Park, Rockstar SpringFling, Backcountry, Empty Ridgelines, Park Snaps, Lifestyle images, and even Sunsets from the valley. Big thanks to Grand Targhee, Geordie Gillette, Ski Patrol, Marketing, and Operations for all you do so we can ride POW! All images are taken in manual with Sony NEX-6. JEEP_CHIEF PHOTO

The Shreddit Showdown presented by Granite Chief Ski & Mountain shop is back and better than ever. Featuring over $4,000 in prizes and your chance to win gear from the future (including your choice from next years Blizzard ski line up), you would have to be crazy not to enter! This years contest will include a Red Carpet Hoedown at Granite Chief. The basis is simple, enter your best 3 minute ski edit full of creative and awesome skiing […]

As a much needed storm makes its way into Tahoe, the skiing at Sugar Bowl is still hangin’ tough with ripping groomers and some rickety off piste skiing. First thing this morning there was around a half inch of new snow coating the groomers, making for some really fun hot laps. Unfortunately the Judah side of the mountain is still closed, but with a few inches of fresh snow on tap over the weekend Sugar Bowl will hopefully be able to reopen operations from the Judah side of the resort […]

Seth Morrison is now 41 years old and he’s still got it. Check out how big this backflip is at 1:43 and how he recovers from falling twice in the runout. Most people will never do a backflip that big nor stylish at any point in their life. That Seth can still do that at 41 years of age is damned impressive. Team Europe won the Cup this year but everyone put on a heck of a show. Tough to tell in the video, but the snow was reportedly very punchy and tricky. […]

WIth over 247 inches of total snowfall and a healthy 79 inch base snowpack. Grand Targhee is not lacking snow. We have experienced a warmer, drier, sun-drenched February this year. Although less snow has fallen, the resort continues to ski well despite multiple melt freeze cycles. The upper North facing exposures have been skiing all time. Moderate to Low avalanche danger and a well consolidated snowpack has led Gorpers and Knucklers alike to the high alpine to chase the Coco! A fleeting high pressure ridge will dissipate and move more precipitation to the Tetons come March. JEEP_CHIEF PHOTOS

This video shows us a guy throw a huge front flip at Kiroro ski resort in Japan directly into a tree. Yes, a big fronty into a tree. Ouch. Somehow, the guy turns out more or less totally fine. In general, when you throw a big front flip into a tree, you’re gonna have a bad time and end up with some sort of season ending injury. Not this guy. Impressive. Lets all remember to scope our landing thoroughly before sending. Yeah, we know, we don’t really do Crash of the Week. Should we? This video shows us a guy throw a huge front flip at Kiroro ski resort in Japan directly into a tree. Yes, a big fronty into a tree. Ouch. […]

NOAA is forecasting 6-12″ of snow in Tahoe this weekend. They’re saying 4-8″ above 5,500-feet and up to 12″ of snow on the highest peaks in Tahoe. NOAA has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the Lake Tahoe Basin. This very well could be a fun weekend in Lake Tahoe, CA. SNOW ACCUMULATIONS: 3 TO 7 INCHES AT LAKE LEVEL WITH 6 TO 12 INCHES ABOVE 7000 FEET. LOCALLY HIGHER AMOUNTS ARE POSSIBLE IN HEAVIER SHOWERS. TIMING: SNOW SHOWERS WILL BEGIN FRIDAY AFTERNOON […]

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