On March 21st, a gearbox failure at Sugarloaf ski resort in Maine caused a chairlift to operate in reverse for 1-minute. Some panicked riders jumped from the chair in desperation and 7 were injured. An initial investigation of the accident revealed a design flaw in the chairlift’s gearbox. Partek Ski Lifts, the chairlift’s manufacturer, issued a bulletin on Thursday warning ski resorts that have their chairlifts to check specific safety components and keep an eye on a certain electrical switch that they feel is suspect. Investigators feel […]

When we think of Japan we think of January, not April. In January, big snowfall is like clockwork but in April, the sun comes out and reveals the incredible high mountains of the Japanese Alps as well as their 18-foot-deep snowpack. The Japanese Alps are located about 5 hours northeast of Tokyo and they reach heights of over 10,000-feet. These mountains are big, steep, and gorgeous. They’re easily accessible via the numerous ski resorts in the are that will usually drop you off at around 6,000-feet. This is where Jeremy Jones went in Japan in his movie “Further”. From the resorts, you can climb up these high peaks to witness the Sea of Japan all around you. From the peaks, you’ll be […]

This past week has been a mash of snow, rain, freezing levels rising and falling, and clouds. Up high on the mountain has been the place to be for the entire season and that is still true today. Sunday was by far the best snow day we have had in a while. There was over 30 cm of fresh that day with lower freezing levels. It was snowing in the parking lots for some parts of the day which has not occurred in a hot second. It was socked in all day so people were sticking to the trees and up high near rocks for visibility.

Over the night rain continued […]

Vail just announced that they’ve agreed to purchase Australia’s largest ski resort: Perisher Ski Resort. They bought it for $136 million USD. Vail just bought Park City Mountain Resort, UT for $182.2 million USD last year. Vail will now own the largest ski resort in the USA and in Australia. Perisher will be added to Vail’s “Epic Pass” making it even more… epic. Perisher is not only Australia’s largest ski resort, it’s also Australia’s most visited. Perisher = 3,000 skiable acres, 47 lifts, 7 peaks. This marks Vail’s first ever ski resort acquisition outside […]

Getting a ski lease in Tahoe is key for any Bay Area skier or snowboarder. The idea is simple: You drive up to Tahoe, you ski and ride, then you’ve got a cozy Tahoe cabin to chill out with good friends in for the entirety of the weekend. With the cheapness of both the Epic Pass (Northstar, Heavenly, Kirkwood on one pass) and the Tahoe Super Pass (Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows on one pass). […]

Jackson Hole recieved a little over a foot of the white stuff last week reminding us that winter is not over yet. The 300″ mark was crossed with the last system coming through mid week bringing a much needed refresh to the area. The first significant snowfall in weeks covered the mess left behind by a early spring thaw and reminded us that it is still ski season. The new snow fell on top of a refrozen crust from the warm temps over the weeks before, but the amount we received did a good job covering the firmness up. The slick crusts under the new snow combined with warm temps allowed the snow to easily move upon the older layer. […]

The Sierra Nevada water content is offcially at 8% of average right now according to the California Department of Water Resources. That’s 1/3 of the lowest ever recorded for today’s date. California is experiencing its 4th year of drought across the state. This 4th year is the worst yet. At least 15 ski resorts are closed in California right now due to a lack of snow. It’s still March… Alpine Meadows closes this Sunday. Squaw Closes on April 12th. Nearly all ski resorts in California will be closed as of April 12th. […]

Vous l’attendiez… Le voici… Le run du record du monde ! Eric Barone à 223,3 km/h depuis le sommet de Chabrières ! :-D Posted by VARS la Forêt Blanche on Saturday, March 28, 2015 Would you do this? Who does this? is the the more appropriate question. Some people just have huge… guts. Eric Barone just traveled 223.3km/h (139mph) on a bike charging down a snow slope. The real question is: How did he stop? They certainly don’t show that part and it didn’t look like he had any chance of stopping anytime soon… Congrats, Eric. You’re a wildman. […]

this great article is brought to us by D’Arcy McLeish via Last Frontier Heli Ski. For the Full article please visit: TOP FIVE SKI TOWN JOBS 5. Lifty: Ok, terrible pay, and I mean terrible, but no experience or skills required. And being a lift attendant isn’t all bad…you do get to ski at work every day. And if you’re in your early twenties it’s a little like living in residence at university. Cool factor on the ski bum scale is high […]

The last couple weeks have not brought much snowfall to the Tahoe basin, however there are plenty of good turns to be had if you play your cards right. Most worthy objectives will come in the form of springtime corn shredding, but there is still some recycled powder out there on sheltered high elevation north-facing slopes. Over the last week we checked out some of the classic couloirs of the Eastern Sierras and rowdy terrain of […]

Here in Azerbaijan, at the feet of the Mount Shahdag (4,243 meters), the begin of March offered us some fresh snow, around 40 cm last week for a total of 70 cm on the slopes. The weather is now nice and sunny after a week of fog. It’s not windy. Conditions are good to make backcountry ski, all the area is a very nice playground, wild and unfurnished offering many choices but the avalanche risk is at 3 today. Inside the ski resort, everything goes without a hitch! To know more about Shahdag: […]

Single largest heliski tenure on earth at over 9500 square km Unlimited high alpine (glaciated) and tree skiing 25m (82 feet or 960 inches) average annual snowfall 5 guests per helicopter 2 remote lodges at Bell 2 and Stewart, BC Located in Northwestern British Columbia on the edge of the Alaskan Panhandle Sauna, hot tub and massage service This place is big, it’s remote, they get a ton of snow, and the terrain is world class. This video leaves us drooling. 960″ inches […]

Coalition Snow is the first ski and snowboard company making gear designed by women for women. After spending the past two years talking to ladies in the lift lines, at the tailgates, and on the skin tracks to find out what women want from their gear and from a company, we’re ready to deliver. Coalition has started a Kickstarterd Campagin: Be the first to get our gear at the lowest prices available starting March 24 at http://bit.ly/kickstartercoalition Women want […]

So I went to Japan with all of your friends and your mom and skied overhead powder and ate all the sushi a healthy American can handle and came home wise and fulfilled. Just kidding. I escaped Tahoe at just the right time with three Tahoe homies and saw friends from around the world. We skied a lot of pow, were heavily chastised for skiing in the wrong place, ate at The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, chased Serow through the woods, saw the fire festival in Nozawa Onsen […]

The freedom of heli-skiing is finally coming to the east coast. Maine’s based Heli-Bear will take you to newly developed backcountry trails throughout Maine’s high peaks region, and eventually across the Appalachians, the Adirondacks and into Eastern Canada. Tired of riding the East the same old ways? Be part of the evolution of Northeast heli-skiing at Saddleback Mountain on March 21st, 2015. It’s a heck of a value and something that will go down in your history books. Get your GoPro ready. With 14 seats remaining for the 1st event, your $700 ticket will get you 5 hours of unlimited helicopter […]

This is very cool news. In a season where most ski resorts are announcing early closings, Taos is extending their season an extra week. It’s been a good season at Taos with 260 inches of snow so far. Taos averages 305, so this isn’t too far off the mark. Taos was scheduled to close on April 5th, and they will close down for 4 days before reopening on April 10th -12th to give skiers and riders one last spring skiing weekend. Lift tickets will be discounted […]

SnowBrains just heard via the grapevine that Alpine Meadows will be closing on April 5th and Squaw Valley will be closing on April 12th. It’s been a low snow year in Tahoe, it’s 70ºF in Tahoe City right now and the forecast is for nothing but sun and heat. Squaw and Alpine hung on as long as they could. Actually, staying open into April on possibly the lowest snow year on record in very respectable. The past 4 days at Squaw and Alpine have been a blast with 7″ of new snow, great storm skiing, some upper mountain pow skiing, then a huckfest at Squaw yesterday. […]

“It’s late March, and Spring has arrived at Big Sky Resort. Well, at least we thought it did… turns out Old Man Winter had a different idea.” With 23” of fresh powder in the last 48 hours, it’s not spring yet at Big Sky in Montana. Put your pants on, check your temp, and go shred today because we’ve got the powder fever. We just got dumped on here at Big Sky Resort with 15-18″ in the last 24 hours. –Big Sky

The Park City Planning Commission cast a unanimous vote at City Hall on Wednesday in favor of Vail building an “interconnect gondola” to link Park City Mountain Resort to The Canyons. Once these two ski resorts are connected, they’ll become the largest ski resort in the USA. The gondola is planned to be completed before the beginning of the 2015/16 ski season. Vail plans to spend $50 million improving Park City and the Canyons this year as they mush these two resorts into […]

I’m selling 8 pairs of used Atomic skis. All used, all cheap, all without bindings (I do have one Atomic Atlas that is brand new that is for sale for $200). These are all my skis and they’ve been all over and have been unbelievably fun. All great skis.These skis are available for pick-up only in Tahoe City or Squaw/Alpine. If interested, please contact me at contact@snowbrains.com and please put “Atomic Skis” in the subject heading. Thanks. I’m selling 8 pairs of used Atomic skis. All used, all cheap, all without bindings (I do have one Atomic Atlas that is brand new that is for sale for $200). These are […]

During December–February, the average temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.42°F (0.79°C) above the 20th century average. This was the highest for December–February in the 1880–2015 record, surpassing the previous record of 2007 by 0.05°F (0.03°C). – NOAA NOAA began keeping global temperature data in 1880. Since 1880, this winter is the warmest Earth has had on record. Not great news for snow lovers. Above average temperatures were recorded in January and February in the USA, much […]

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