I think it’s safe to say we just had the best week of the season here at Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina. On Monday, September 7th, the storm came in strong enough to close the mountain entirely. It was cold and windy storm that snowed to the bottom of the mountain. Spots in La Laguna had over 5 feet of snow laying around. I’d say that in general, the upper mountain got about 2 feet of quality snow. Tuesday was good in bounds. [...]

Skiing Magazine is having a female ski video contest. You simply watch girls ripping at various resorts, then vote for the video you like best. Simple. The Pretty Faces and Unicorn Picnic team wanted to celebrate girls everywhere, but knew they couldn’t make it to every mountain. So they partnered with us at Skiing Magazine to create this contest. Our intention, director Lynsey Dyer says, is to give a platform to girls and women, to showcase what they are capable of on skis in their own [...]

Las Lenas ski resort in Argentina was going to close on September 8th due to a major lack of snow. Then it snowed 5-feet. Now, Lenas is officially staying open past the 15th. They say they will extend on a day by day basis, but I guess they will be open till the 22nd. Conditions in Lenas have been fantastic since the big storm in early September. There is plenty of snow up high, and we’ve had plenty of sunny windless days. Everyone has been getting after it, and all the high [...]

Today was the first sunny day since Bariloche, Argentina’s 2-foot Monday storm. The storm was cold storm and things remained cold until today. I used the sunny weather to get out to my favorite backcountry zone in the area, Alaskita. I arrived on top of Alaskita at noon, exactly when things were heating up. I could feel it in the air and a bit in the snow. I could see the avalanche debris from a small avalache (likely caused by a small cornice collapse) near the bottom of the upper spines. It looked fresh. I felt that the upper spines of Alaskita [...]

Ice Axe Expeditions is going to Antarctica in early November. They are going down to ski and snowboard, to explore and frolic, to observe and revere. They went once before and the trip was spectacular. Blue skies, good snow, and an amazing crew. It’s the trip of a lifetime. Just to be in antarctica is unreal, to get to ski on top of that, is a major bonus. I will be guiding on the 2014 [...]

The Utah Avalanche Center is one of the most respected avalanche center’s in the US of A. These guys know snow inside and out and now they’re delivering what we all really want: an accurate winter snow forecast. From our basic knowledge of meterology, this forecast is spot on. Spot on. So, without further ado, here is the: [...]

In the mountain environment, we often point to athletic achievement as a form of inspiration. This athlete climbed that peak or that rider won this competition. While physical achievement can be inspiring in its own way, is it truly a measure of character? Too often in the bubble of the mountain culture, athletic achievement is celebrated over true inspiration. Sure, it takes mad skills, discipline and balls of steel to do some of the things athletes do, but that often has little do to with the depth [...]

We just saw on the newswires that Vail has settled its lawsuit against Park City by acquiring the resort from Powdr Corp. for $182.5 million in cash. This is surely the outcome that Vail was aiming for from day one. What does it mean for local and visiting skiers? Mountain operations of PCMR and Canyons will remain separate for the 2014-2015 ski season. However, Vail’s Epic and Epic Local passes will be valid at PCMR. All PCMR passes for the [...]

In much of the Western USA, all we could talk about was how low a snow year it was. Tahoe only got about 180″ of snow this year. Taos had a rough one and so did a lot of ski towns. Looking at the numbers below, it’s hard to believe there was a low snow year anywhere. These numbers are all big and juicy. As long as you were anywhere near the resorts listed below, you had one heck of In much of the Western USA, all we could talk about was how low a snow year it was. Tahoe only got about 180″ of snow this year. Taos, NM had a rough [...]

Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina just got a 2-foot storm. Yesterday, the snow was light and fluffy in La Laguna and just about everywhere on the mountain. As always happens in the Andes, the wind blew last night and pressed the snow pretty good in most spots. Upper and Lower La Laguna held up to the wind well and stayed relatively light and fluffy. The Playground got wind pressed and the afternoon sun that came out yesterday cooked it pretty good. The snow was punchy and catchy in the Playground today. Lower Laguna was stellar [...]

On Friday, September 5th, 2014 a Utah District Judge stated that Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) would have to post a $17.5 million bond to operate the Park City ski resort during the 2014/15 winter season. If they don’t post this bond, they’d be evicted and would not be able to open the ski resort this winter. Yesterday, PCMR agreed to pay the $17.5 million to operate this winter. This is great news as it means that the ski resort will be open this winter. PCMR is appealing the ruling that they have to move out and Vail is going to move [...]

We’ve been waiting for a while for a big powder day here in Bariloche, Argentina. A big storm rolled in late Sunday night with big snow, big wind, and big cold. Snow levels dropped into town and the wind was ripping. The wind ripped hard enough to close Catedral ski resort all day yesterday. This morning, the wind died down just enough for Catedral to get many of the upper mountain chairs open. It was cold, windy, and visibility was tough in during [...]

“MSP director Scott Gaffney getting in some fun on his days off. It was a weak winter and he’s old, but he isn’t dead yet.” – MSP Scott Gaffney is 45-years-young and still rips harder than anyone at Squaw. He’s had his ups and downs, his injuries and Fingers glory, and he’s been a fixture at Squaw Valley since the early 90′s. The guy can ski. He still flips and spins and spends plenty of time in the air. If you see this guy charging down a line at Squaw this winter, take the time to stop and watch. You won’t be [...]

Mt. Shasta is no stranger to setting new records. Our personal favorite, the February 1959 event which had the highest single snowstorm total of 189″/15+ feet sounds amazing right about now. 2014 was however the complete opposite. Severe drought has withered California and forest fires threaten much of the American west. The climbing season on Mt. Shasta started and is finishing earlier due to a snowpack that was approximately 30% [...]

Las Lenas generally has dry snow and is a rocky, sharky, ski destroying land. Last week, they got 5 feet of wet snow. The wet snow covered rocks, created pillows and filled things in like never before. People who love dry snow don’t understand that wet snow can make magic happen. If you know Las Lenas, you’ll be shocked by this video. Those rocks Adria is doing 360s off are usually bare, [...]

Powder Magazine has just dropped their list for the best powder skis of 2015. You’ve gotta have a pow ski, so you might as well have one of the best ones, right? Powder Magazine knows a thing or two about skiing powder, so lets have look at what they’ve listed and hit the link above to get more detail about each ski’s performance. Ski design has evolved enormously since the beginnings of the modern sport in mid-19th Century Norway. Modern skis typically have steel edges, camber, side cut, and possibly reverse camber. During the 1990s side cut became more pronounced to make it easier to carve turns. Specialised types of alpine skis [...]

There have only been a total of 20 El Nino events since 1950. El Nino generally refers to warming of the waters along the Equatorial Pacific. This year had a distinct warming of the ocean waters in the Spring, and a slight decrease in Mid-Summer. The late summer/early fall data showed a warming trend with higher confidence of an El Nino winter. The big question is the strength? My best analysis is a weak El Nino during the early winter months with a general decrease from Mid Winter to Spring 2015. The monsoon moisture has been bringing record rains to Arizona, New Mexico and other areas that have seen a multi year drought. We had epic [...]

The body of a Belgian snowboarder has been round on Mt. Blanc, France. He went missing over 2 years ago. Mountain climbers discovered the body very early on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 on the Dente de Geant (Giant’s Tooth) glacier at around 6,500 feet. This 40-year-old snowboarder was reported missing in January 2012. He was last seen snowboarding the glacial Valle Blanche off the Aiguille du Midi. His body was well preserved [...]

What a week in the Valle de Las Leñas! Our week began with a wet and heavy storm that lasted for three days, dropped two feet of snow on the lower mountain and five feet on the upper mountain. We’ve  had a couple days of storm skiing, an incredible Marte powder day, some waiting for the wind, and some partying. Monday and Tuesday offered up a variety of storm skiing conditions, which culminated on Wednesday with over the head powder runs down Cenidor all day. During the storm, temperatures at the base hovered around freezing, which led to some really wet and heavy powder at times. Marte remained closed, and [...]

NOAA just released their latest El Nino update on September 4th. They are now saying there is a 60-65% chance of El Nino during the Northern Hemisphere’s Fall & Winter. These are the same numbers we saw in their El Nino update a month ago. If we do have El Nino this winter it will be a weak El Nino. What does a weak El Nino mean for precipitation in North America? “Approximately one-third of the (weak) events featuring above-average precipitation, one-third near-average precipitation, and one-third below-average precipitation” – NOAA NOAA’s latest El Nino update is below: [...]

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