It’s hard enough to pull off a double backflip on skis or a board. Maximum Destruction just did it in a monster truck and threw in a 180º for good measure. This same guy tried a front flip last week and it didn’t go well. History of the Monster Truck double backflip: “After George Balhan, driver of Mohawk Warrior, landed two consecutive backflips at the 2012 Monster Jam World Finals, Tom Meents [Maximum Destruction driver] was driven to land the double. After months of preparation at his shop located in Paxton, Illinois, he was to debut this move on June 16, 2012,

“What not to do when trying a triple!! I fully blacked out in the air going for the third flip. Probably won’t be trying that again haha. Edited by Bomber Bob.” – Chris Laker You don’t want to pass out in the middle of a 100′ triple flip. But, if you do, it’ll likely go something like this. This fall hurt and hurt bad. We assume Chris is ok by the tone of his quote above, but damn! that was a hard fall. Face, chest, then the way his leg folded under him. Ouch. Hope you’re OK Chris. You’re a badass for trying it.

Recreational Marijuana is now legal in the state of Oregon as of yesterday. Oregon happens to have great skiing, great skiers, and year round glacier skiing on Mt. Hood. The funny thing is, recreational marijuana has kinda been legal in Oregon for a long time: “In populous parts of the state that have long been tolerant of marijuana, police don’t generally bust people using it in private. Most important, though, is that under the new law it’s still illegal to sell recreational marijuana. When Oregon […]

NASA just wrote this article today about Turkey’s shrinking glaciers. Yes, Turkey has glacier and high peaks and their glacier half lost half of their collective mass since 1970. Turkey’s highest elevation is Mt. Ararat at 16,859′. Turkey had 14 main glaciers in the 1970s and 5 of them have completely disappeared. The skiing […]

Portillo, Chile still doesn’t have a flake of snow right now. They hoped to open by June 20th, then July 9th, and now they’ve pushed their opening date back to To Be Determined since there is still no snow and no snow in the forecast. Portillo isn’t alone in its lack of snow. Valle Nevado, Farallones, El Colorado, La Parva, and Ski Arpa are all currently without snow. Northern Chile has been experiencing a drought since 2007 and it appears to be continuing. Southern Chile is doing better. taking into account the most recent weather forecast and absence of snow for the […]

This video shows Frenchman Leo T going ape-pooh in Val d’Isere, France. It’s intense nad it was enough to win him the GoPro Line of the Winter contest and $20,000. We think this type of reward system is huge in skiing’s modern age when it’s so difficult to make money as an athlete. With this format, anyone can put on a helmet cam and do what they do no matter if you’re a pro or am or weekender. If you shred hard enough, you will be rewarded.

“Meet Gray, Piper and Caleb…the four legged members of the Snowmass Ski Patrol handled by Nathan Garfield, Dan Berg and Susan “Mouse” Carollo. These avalanche rescue dogs always seem to be wearing a smile, whether they’re putting up boundary ropes or training year round as search and rescue dogs. But then again, they always get to ride first chair.” “Meet Gray, Piper and Caleb…the four legged members of the Snowmass Ski Patrol handled by Nathan Garfield, Dan Berg and Susan “Mouse” Carollo. These […]

Hope you are all enjoying summer at this point. We are! After the driest winter on record, the High Sierra experienced one of the wettest calendar months ever. The town of Bishop hit May records for amount of rainfall and consecutive days with precipitation. In June, mountain weather has remained somewhat unusual with daily high temperatures spanning more than 30 degrees F in many locations.

Reggae Ellis gives us the latest in Australian ski resort conditons. Today, he’s reporting from Perisher where it was cold enough for snowmaking last night, which is key since it hasn’t really snowed in Australia yet this year. Perisher has 20 lifts open currently and the July busy season is upon them. The prediction for the El Nino season we’re currently having is for low precipitation across Australia and so far that what we’ve seen.

The average moderately active person take aound 7,500 step/day. If you maintain that daily average and live until 80 years of age, you’ll have walked about 216,262,500 steps in your lifetime. Doing the math; the average person with the average stride living until 80 will walk a distance of around 110,000 miles. Which is the equivalent of walking about 5 times around the Earth, right on the equator. […]

We all know that bigger is better when it comes to ski resorts and many other things. In the USA, a biggest ski resort is Big Sky and it’s 5,800 acres. There are ski resorts in the Alps that make Big Sky look like a kiddie hill. So, where are the biggest ski resorts on Earth? Mostly in the Alps, it’s true, but there are a couple others outside of the Alps in North America. If you’re a true ski freak […]

It’s June. It’s June and you’re reevaluating what makes you smile. The cold, the velocity, and the thrills are now gone. For the first time since November, you aren’t sure where your skis/snowboards are. In a few weeks from now you’ll find them in your closet/garage/backyard. They’ll look at you with despise through rusty edges and frayed sidewalls. You can’t imagine walking through […]

Whistler is a hub of outdoor and mountain enthusiasts. Long time Whistler local, Wayne Flann, a 30 year veteran of the Blackcomb Ski Patrol, has spent most of his life working and playing in the mountains. His blog,, has become one of the main resources for avalanche and backcountry information in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Started in 2011 because he saw a need for snowpack information for early season backcountry skiers and riders, it has blossomed into one of the sources for weather, snowpack info, and avalanche updates and has a devoted […]

It is believed that beer generally has a good amount of silicon which is directly related to the health bones. In a study conducted by Tufts University and other research centers, it was found that older men and women, who had beer or wine, daily, had better bone density. But increasing the drinks to above two daily, made them prone to bone fractures. A study on 100 different types of beers in 2010 identified that the pale ale, had the best bone buildings benefits, as this brew was the richest in silicon. The light lagers and the beers that did not contain alcohol were found to contain the least amount of silicon. So drink up, but […]

Vail Resorts announced yesterday that they have closed on their purchase of Perisher Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in Australia and their first international resort. Vail paid $134.8 million USD for Perisher ski resort. Vail announced their plans for acquiring Perisher this past March. […]

Jed Mildon and James Foster risk life and limb in a race to be the first person to land the BMX quadruple backflip. It all goes down on NBC Sunday, July 12 at 4:30e/3:30c/1:30p. Talk about putting the pressure on. These two bikers will be competing on national TV to be the first to land a quadruple backflip on a bicycle. Will it be the biggest trick in action sports history? Mabye… Jed Mildon and James Foster risk life and limb in a race to be the first person to land the BMX quadruple backflip. It all goes down on NBC Sunday, July 12 at 4:30e/3:30c/1:30p.” – Nitro Circus Talk about putting the pressure on. […]

Flying into Buenos Aires’ International airport, EZE, for a ski or snowboard trip to Argentina can be very intimidating. Buenos Aires is home to 13 million people, it’s sprawling, it’s not simple to navigate. But, if you know a few tips, it becomes obnoxiously easy. Knowing a few words of Spanish is a huge help – not many people speak English in Buenos Aires. […]

I was lucky enough to spend last week on the Monterey Peninsula at Asilomar. I’d never spent anytime there and I was blown away. The point of the Monterey Peninsula is the most beautiful coastline I’ve ever seen anywhere. I now understand why people from all over the world flock to Monterey in the summertime to see the coast, surf, stroll, kayak, dive, have bonfires on the beach and go to the Monterey Bay aquarium. The Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) is a visit to another world – an alien world that lives just feet below the surface. Most of will never experience

It’s always summer in Hawaii and these guys and gals know how to bottle it. These divers have a lot of skill, creativity, and they know how to make it all look sexy. The dancing segments are the key. If you’re experiencing the “Summertime Blues” right now because the snow is gone, this should cheer you up and re-motivate you. Summer is hot. Summer is sexy. and summer is long. Instead of hating summer and suffering through it (cough, cough, Andy Hays…) you should embrace it dial in an outdoor summer sport […]

“Just in case you were wondering what it looks like up here when we’ve got 150km/h winds in the base area….” – Mt. Hutt, NZ 150kph (93mph) winds closed many ski resorts in southern New Zealand yesterday. Mt. Hutt had 93mph winds at it’s base area. Must have been absolutely wild up top. Mt. Hutt and Coronet Peak are closed. Treble Cone is open today with limited terrain due to […]

Catalonian freeskier Adria Millan is the freeride king of Las Lenas. He’s spent 6 seasons down there, knows the gnarliest lines by heart, and isn’t afraid of skiing too fast. Did we mention 360ºs? Yeah, the guy has big 360ºs off natural terrain on lock. Here is Adria’s first Las Lenas conditions report of the 2015 season: “Bad conditions right now. Never seen before the mountain brown like now. Worst start of the season in my 6 years here. In the video we walk 40 min after taking the Marte lift to find a kind of south face & found fresh snow at over 3000m.

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