Does Powdr Corp Need to Give Up It’s Fight to Get Park City Back?

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Powdr Corp, the former operators of Park City ski resort, made an egregious error this past year.  They let their lease expire.  The landowners, Talisker, used Vail to jump on the opportunity to sued Powdr to get the resort from them.  Powdr Corp sued back.  Vail won.  Powdr is appealing and fighting and suing Vail and the landowner Talisker some more.

Powdr Corp CEO John Cummings
Powdr Corp CEO John Cummings

Locals are fed up with all this and Powdr Corp CEO John Cummings knows it.

“I think people are sick of hearing about it, to be perfectly honest with you. I just think everybody’s got lawsuit-itis, you know. They’re tired. It creates a little anxiety around everybody, you know,” he said. “This is a community asset, and there’s a chance it could close, turn into something different. That’s not fun for anybody that loves this place or this town.” – Powdr Corp CEO John Cummings told the Park Record

“Nobody talks to me about anything. I’m the elephant in the room. I’m the elephant in town. Everywhere I go people are very nice and cordial and don’t really want to talk to me. And I’m not surprised by that. I wouldn’t want to talk to me, either.” – Powdr Corp CEO John Cummings told the Park Record


The locals just want to ski.  Powdr Corp still owns some of the base area and they’ve talked of dismantling lifts and or doing other dramatic acts to impede the progress of Vail’s takeover.

“We pray that it will never get anywhere near that . . . not a moment goes by that part of my brain isn’t occupied by prayer right now. I mean, honestly, this is ridiculous. This whole situation is ridiculous. If there was a little bit of Golden Rule in this thing, Rob and I would’ve worked this out already,” Cumming said, referring to Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz [Park Record]

Where would dismantling the lifts leave locals and people who want to ski Park City?  It would leave them heartbroken.  It would be the ultimate insult to the common skier.  Do we really care which rich guy owns our resort at the end of the day?  Not really.  Just keep the lifts spinning, would ya?  Thanks.


The Cummings family just purchased the majority interest of Snowbird ski resort.  


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