PR Lotion | The Tool the Pros Use to Ski Harder and Longer

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pr lotion,
Credit: PR Lotion

PR Lotion is a sports lotion that you put on your legs before skiing that allows you to ski harder, ski longer, recover faster, and you feel less sore.

Put PR Lotion on in the morning, then ski hard right through closing bell.

This stuff works and it works damn well.

Forbes is calling PR Lotion one of the “Top 5 Fitness Recovery Technologies That (Seriously) Improve Performance”.

“PR lotion is powerful. I use it skiing, surfing, and mountaineering. I can go harder for longer and I get considerably less sore. I’m charging up the skin track feeling 100% at the end of a 5,000 vertical-foot-day like it’s my first lap. The feeling this product gives me is power.  Power to go past where I could go before. I ski 220+ days per year, surf 75 days per year and ski guide 30+ days per year. I use PR Lotion regularly and I clearly notice the difference.” – Miles Clark, Professional Ski Guide

pr lotion,
Go harder. Go longer. Credit: PR Lotion

What is PR Lotion?

PR Lotion is the sports lotion you apply before heading out that helps you get more from every workout and adventure, and recover faster so you can come back strong the next day. PR Lotion is guaranteed to give you the ability to push your body further.  PR Lotion is uniquely engineered to use bicarb to neutralize acid that builds up in your muscles when you train hard. Trusted by the world’s top pros and built for all of us passionate about reaching our personal victory.

“When I first used PR lotion, I blew my numbers away mountain biking so I decided to try it skiing. I now use PR Lotion in my training and races and it allows me to take several more runs at a high level than I usually do. I’m amazed by how it feels!” – Steven Nyman, World Cup Skier & Olympian

Why Should I Use PR Lotion?

  • Ski more runs and have the legs to go harder, longer
  • Ski on fresh-feeling legs late into the day
  • Feel great at apres and ready to ski hard again the next day 
pr lotion,
Stay out all day without feeling sore tomorrow. Credit: PR Lotion

How to Use:


  • While dressing to head out, apply PR Lotion to your legs, leaving a few minutes to dry before pulling on your base layers.


  • Reapply PR Lotion for added recovery and fresh legs the following day on the mountain.

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5 thoughts on “PR Lotion | The Tool the Pros Use to Ski Harder and Longer

    1. I’m sure you can and It will give you the power to go all day! Maybe put some on your right arm so it doesn’t fatigue!

  1. So, snake oil backed by a couple big names? I don’t see any ingredients or explanation of what this actually does (not that I’m under any illusion I need some lotion to make my skiing better), and the “Learn” page on the website doesn’t even exist; it’s just a 404 error page.

    But this product will obviously give you all the “power”, so go for it as long as you don’t mind putting who knows what on your body based on some vague promises from a company with no credible evidence backing their claims! (/s)

    1. I kind of love that this was re-posted with the comments still in place.

      Anyway, from what I gathered last time around, this is a sodium bicarbonate (yes, that’s baking soda) lotion, the idea being that this counteracts lactic acid buildup. (Hey, we’ve already got more actual science going on here than on the manufacturer’s site!) But that appears to be about as far as it goes; if you can find a rigorous scientific study showing that rubbing sodium bicarbonate on your legs prior to a workout does *anything* (one with clear methodology and data available for scrutiny), congratulations. I certainly couldn’t.

      Remember, kids, if it sounds too good to be true, and especially if it comes with over-the-top praise from an athlete likely sponsored by the company behind the product, it probably is.

    2. Yeah. Go to their website. Click on the “published report” link. It’s only a weak abstract. Lists methodology and results from testing on 20! bicycle athletes. A HUGE cohort!

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