Pro Skier, Rory Bushfield, on ABC’s “Splash” Reality Diving Show

SnowBrains |

Professional skier Rory Bushfield is on ABC’s new reality diving show called “Splash.”  This is a clip of him being interviewed on the show Access Hollywood.

What do you guys think?  Does this mean freeskiing has finally made it into America’s mainstream?  Probably not, but this is certainly a solid first step.  Maybe someday they won’t even look at us like we’re freaks…

It kinda seems like he is going to win.  Especially considering he’s going up against people like 7’2” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who is the man) and obese comedians.

According to Scott Gaffney, he’s being himself on the show:

“So stoked to see that one of my favorite people in the world is no different when Hollywood calls.” -Scott Gaffney


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