Red Bull/MSP’s 2-Year Movie Trailer: “Days of My Youth”

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Skip to the 1:30 minute mark to get to the skiing.

Red Bull & MSP just released their latest trailer for their 2-year movie project:  “Days of My Youth”.  This won’t be their last trailer for this movie.

The trailer is OK, but might be about 1:30 too long.  There is no skiing at all in the trailer until the 1:25 minute mark.  There is a line at the end that is some sort of long, skinny, tunnel chute that is very cool.

It does seem since Sherpa Cinema’s “All. I. Can.” and the explosion of internet ski porn that people now have to have a story associated with their ski movie.  MSP did one other storyline movie:  “Superheros of Stoke” and it was good and won many awards.

This will be MSP’s first movie with Red Bull running things.  It’ll be very interesting to see how this movie turns out.  We’re excited.

What do you guys think of this trailer?  

Stoked on it or Underwhelmed?


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2 thoughts on “Red Bull/MSP’s 2-Year Movie Trailer: “Days of My Youth”

  1. This movie looks great. Diggin’ that new ski films have an underlying premise beyond great skiing and goofy cuts. Message behind this totally reminds me of old short and morbid film “Moore” from 1998…

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