VIDEO: Watch Skateboarder’s Insane First Descent of the World’s Gnarliest Hill

SnowBrains |

Skateboarder Cole Trotta sends it down the world’s gnarliest hill for the very first time, while attempting to keep his hands off the ground as much as possible.

This film does in NO way do this road justice on truly how steep and gnarly it is, so focus on how long he slides so quickly and so often. ALSO, by gnarliest road, don’t consider the usual ADDED aspect of cars, just the road solely by itself.

This road is notoriously known as ‘Jitterbug.’ Many would argue that this is the gnarliest hill in the world to skate. From the moss growing over the road, the narrowness, the steepness, the pavement changes, and all-around just weird pavement… it truly is a ride for survival.

This road is blocked off, so it’s not often you can skate it… So Cole took advantaged and filmed his very FIRST run. So enjoy as he survives this wild descent.

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