Skier Fell 20-Feet Off Chairlift at Arapahoe Basin, CO on Opening Day Yesterday

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Arapahoe Basin, CO today at 10am. image: a bay webcam

North America experienced its first chairlift fall of the season on the very first day of the season yesterday.  A very Friday the 13th moment…

According to Arapahoe Basin ski area’s COO, Al Henceroth, a skier fell 20-feet near the final tower (tower 11) of the Black Mountain Express on day one of the 2017/18 winter season yesterday, Friday the 13th of October.

The skier survived the fall without injury according to Al.

“As a precautionary measure, our ski patrol transported him to the first aid room.  At that point, he was denying any injuries and walked out on his own.”

“I don’t know what happened other than he slipped out.  No malfunction with the chairlift.”

Arapahoe Basin, CO trail map showing Black Mountain Express where the fall happened yesterday.

Al continued on to mention that chairlift falls occur at Arapahoe Basin “a few times a year.”  Al also said that the fall happened in the mid-afternoon.

The Black Mountain Express chairlift has a safety bar, but it’s unclear whether it was down at the time of the fall.  Some skiers and riders on the hill reported that the man who fell appeared drunk, but those reports are unconfirmed at this time.

Arapahoe Basin experienced big press last year after a skier fell from a chairlift, was hanging by his neck, and was rescued by a professional slackliner who climbed to save him.

“After a failed attempt at building a human pyramid, Wilson sprung into action-hero mode. He climbed the lift tower, slid 30 feet across the lift’s cable, and cut the victim free with a knife tossed up to him from a ski patroller.” – snowbrains

Al Henceroth is a pretty rad dude who keeps up a blog with few words and poignant images that you should definitely be following if you love A Bains:  Al’s Blog

Al has been working at Arapahoe Basin for 30 years.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, CO yesterday. image: dave camara

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