Skiing Hard @ Alpine Meadows, CA: “Go Get Your Rock Skis”

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words and video by Evan Haines

It has only happened once in 13 months- a decent size storm in Tahoe, not a massive storm, just decent, and that was some dry snow. Much of Tahoe right now looks like it is about mid june or later. The locals have mostly all left, and those that haven’t are dreaming of doing so. The video was made playing around on rocks and features that I have never seen before. basically we have no snow- but even with no snow skiing is still a blast, you just have to think a little out side the box.

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2 thoughts on “Skiing Hard @ Alpine Meadows, CA: “Go Get Your Rock Skis”

  1. nice! although I was down the road yesterday, after your clip, I have a good idea of how Alpine was. thx, and good work out there.

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