Snowboarder Dies at Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA After Colliding With Snow Fence

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Sierra-at-Tahoe trail map showing where the accident occurred.

A 23-year-old snowboarder died while riding at Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort in Lake Tahoe, CA on Thursday, December 7th, 2017, according to Sierra-at-Tahoe management.

It’s being reported by Sierra-at-Tahoe management that the snowboarder lost control while riding fast on Lower Snowshoe Trail at 1:15pm on Thursday.  After sliding off the trail, the snowboarder hit a snow fence where Lower Snowshoe meets Sugar & Spice Trail (location shown in map above).

snow fence is a barrier that forces windblown, drifting snow to accumulate in a desired place. Ski resorts use snow fences in order to increase snow depth in specified areas, or for avalanche control.

– wikipedia

Example of what a snow fence can look like. A snow fence in Greece. image:

Ski patrol reportedly responded immediately and called in air & ground support.  The snowboarder was pronounced dead by emergency personnel.

Lower Snowshoe Trail is an intermediate run.

Sierra-at-Tahoe has been open since December 2nd and they currently have 14 lifts and 14 trails open.


How a snow fence works.

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10 thoughts on “Snowboarder Dies at Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA After Colliding With Snow Fence

  1. I see many snow boarders that are young not shredding in control.thats the first thing you need to learn.if you want to race go sighn up.

  2. Why was he skiing near a fence? Don’t they design the ski trails to avoid things like this from happening? Was the skier in a restricted area?

    1. Thanks for the clarification, my apologies, didn’t realize it and it was my first impression which caught my eye. Don’t want to distract from the tragic incident.

  3. Why are you showing a cartoon dragon/snake figure in the first picture in this article which is about someone who died while snowboarding? I’ll assume it was a terrible mistake on your part which you will fix. I’m a fan of Snow Brains and have never had issues with your posts in the past.

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