SnowBrains 2022 Alaska Highlight Video – Feasting on Spines…

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3-minutes of me ripping around Alaska with a 30+ pound pack!

2022 was our 1st ever season heli-ski guiding in Alaska for Pulseline Adventure in Valdez.

We were up there for 2 months and we got to guide in the Tordrillo Mountains as well as in the Valdez zone.

Skiing Alaska is like skiing a whole other world…

This was one of the best ski trips of our lives.

We feasted on spines of every shape and size.

Much of this highlight video was filmed in the Tordrillos while we were guiding Travis Rice’s “Natural Selection Tour”.

The Tordrillos are exquisite, delicate, and highlight featured.

Steep lines, spines, sluff, blind rollovers, powder, insane views, and good people.

We were honored to get to skis all of these zones as a first-year heli-ski guide.

Thanks, Alaska!

Note: We shot this footage last season and never got around to editing a compilation of it until now!

Stay tuned for highlight videos of Miles Clark’s last season dropping weekly on

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