Top 9 Snowiest Resorts in North America Winter 2021/22

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snowiest resorts,
Palisades Tahoe, CA, has received more snow in April than January, February, and March combined… | Credit: Palisades Tahoe

Winter is gone, spring is here, and summer is not far behind. But for lots of places, spring has felt more like winter than winter ever did, giving poor snowpack a late boost. Places like Tahoe in California reported more snow in April than January, February, and March combined. Maybe winter was just fashionably late?

So as ski season draws dreadingly nearer to a close, let’s review season snowfall totals. Who tops the list of this season’s snowiest resorts?

#1 Alyeska Resort, AK – 848″

snowiest resorts,
Photo courtesy of Alyeska Resort/Rachel Heath

#2 Mount Baker, WA – 647″

mount baker, snowboard, washington, snowiest resorts,
Mount Baker, WA. Credit: Resort Facebook

#3 Timberline, OR568″

timberline lodge, Oregon, snowiest resorts,
Timberline Lodge, OR. Credit: Resort Facebook

#4 Mount Hood Meadows, OR – 521″

snowiest resorts,
It’s still going off at Mount Hood Meadows, OR. Credit: Resort Facebook

#5 Revelstoke, BC; Mt Bachelor, OR – 447″

snowiest resorts,
Revelstoke Resort, BC, landing top five on the list of snowiest resorts in North America. Photo: SnowBrains

#7 Alta, UT – 446″

April at Alta. | Photo courtesy of Tom Derks

#8 Whistler Blackcomb, BC   444″

whistler, snowpack
Credit: Whistler Facebook

#9 Snowbird, UT – 435″

snowbird, Utah, fourth July
Spring skiing at Snowbird. Credit: Snowbird

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20 thoughts on “Top 9 Snowiest Resorts in North America Winter 2021/22

  1. Correct, and this article is about total snowfall, not “snowbase” … so what exactly is the point of your comment?

  2. Lookout Pass, Crystal, Valinouet, Sunshine Village, Alpental – all still open with more than Mammoth’s 337″

  3. As per usual, Northern Escape will likely top out with the most snowfall. Among “non-coastal” locations, Sol Mountain will (again, as per usual) likely claim the top spot.
    Don’t know these places? Check ’em out 🙂
    Cheers and great vibes for the 2021-2022 shred – catch u in late July when I hang ’em up

  4. Many missing on the list, as usual.
    Whitewater, Sunshine, Fernie, Shames, Kicking Horse, Seymour, Grouse, Cypress, Castle, Valinouet.
    All have more than Mammoth’s 290″.
    Likely a handful of USA resorts missing too…

  5. After Aleska should be:
    2. Powder King
    3. Baker
    Then Revy at 4
    5. Shames
    …. and that’s all i bothered checking so far. My 2 mim effort is obviously more than the auther has made, AGAIN.
    Pathetic reporting.

  6. I think Jackson has been sandbagging numbers, been skiing awhile and as far as I know the official snow totals always come from the
    midmountian stake, lately they have been reporting the YTD totals from the summit making it look like they get more snow than areas reporting for midmountian, it’s a great mountain no need to exaggerated

  7. Shames?
    Powder King?
    There’s a few others missing from this list

    This time, I won’t simply provide the numbers for you as I’ve been doing for years. Snowbrains is old enough now to put a slight bit of effort into their research for the snowfall & base depth lists… Both of which I’ve yet to see accurate since the inception of SnowBrains

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